Monty Python On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Monty Python Infiltrates Late Night

Tonight was truly a special evening for LNWJF. Monty Python members John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones, and Eric Idle came to Studio 6B, and it's pretty safe to say that they conquered Studio 6B, reminding us all once again why they are comedy legends. From the moment they walked on stage and started rearranging the furniture, there was a feeling that anything could happen - and it pretty much did.


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kermit: I loved it when John started throwing water at everyone. And the seating arrangements were hilarious

Lady April: Very funny, love my boys - Michael is dead????? That stopped me heart for a bit!

kisch at 6:01 pm October 15

lol we know he's just resting))) John is a cruel basrard (but thats why i love him...))))

kermit at 6:23 pm October 15

he he your the first one I thought of Lady A when he said that. I was like "oh shit April is having a stroke about now" LOL

kisch: So great to see them all together ! Even if Michael isn't there (Cleese as usual was rather rude about him:)

Mr Smoketoomuch: Fantastic!

armenia67: That was amazing!!!

CamelSpotter: I'm so glad I got to see this! It's great to see them having such a good time. Thanks for the notification.