Monty Python Madness


It's true...the "7th Python", the "Girl Python", the lady who was in the very first sketch on the very first show and even now appears in Eric Idle's "Not the Messiah" -- is travelling from England to join us for An Evening with Carol Cleveland live and in person at the Palace Theatre as part of Monty Python Madness. Join us Sunday night for a memorable look back at a fascinating career (that's not just Python!).

Damm... too far from me!!!! :0(

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Alainainthesky: Wish I could be there! I love Carol so much!

thewastelandr: Looks like such fun! I wish I could be there!

mrsCutout: Same here!But ugh I'd love ti be there!Awww I love Carol!

mo at 1:49 pm August 01

Love to be there too.Sounds fantastic.

mrsCutout at 11:55 am August 02

Ugh you're close you could go...!

mo at 3:51 pm August 02

Me? Isnt this in Texas? Ha ha.