Monty Python Madness featuring Carol Cleveland in Texas next week!

Looniness Returns to Grapevine (Dallas/Fort Worth) TX September 30-October 3
benefits GRACE Grapevine Charity

This year's special guest star is original Python Girl Carol Cleveland!

Just how much fun could one girl have with six men? Carol Cleveland, the talented and lovely "Girl Python" will reveal all in a special retrospective that is the highlight of the 4th annual "Monty Python Madness" celebration. Sunday, October 3, we'll look back at the surprising history of this fascinating lady who was in the very first Python sketch, was so memorable in Holy Grail, and who was very nearly cut from Meaning of Life.

Carol says this will be her last visit to the US, so here's your one chance to meet and ask questions of the girl that worked with Britain's greatest comic team.

But that's not all!

  • Thursday, September 30, we'll have Bangers & Mash & movies -- a chance to meet, greet, and eat with fellow Brits and Python fans.
  • Friday, October 1, we'll be screening "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" outdoors at Grapevine's historic Train Depot.
  • Saturday, October 2 is the annual Silly Walk up Main Street, and a Costume Contest and Autograph Session with Ms Cleveland.

It's four days of Silly Events for a Worthy Cause:
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Johnnyrose: Can someone from PoL go and take pictures of the festival??... and of her?.... Pleeeeeeese...


The Lady is a Python


By Melissa Crowe

Beware: The punishment for lighting the grail-shaped beacon is spankings, lots of spankings. After the first grail-lighter gets her spankings, the others must be spanked too. And after those spankings, the oral sex, at least by Monty Python punishment standards. When Dingo realizes Zoot, her twin sister and co-leader of the maidens in the Castle Anthrax, lit the beacon, actress Carol "Cleavage" Cleveland made Monty Python history. Welcome the original buxom blonde wench from England as she guest stars in the British Emporium's Monty Python's Life of Carol 7 p.m. Sunday at the Palace Theatre in downtown Grapevine. The show promises an unforgettable evening filled with rare footage and hilarious stories about working with the Pythons--plus, a question and answer session. Carol, known as "the girl Python," started out in the first Monty Python's Flying Circus episode and appeared in two-thirds of the original 45 shows and nearly every Python film and stage show that followed. And now for something completely different, Carol is making this special appearance as part of Grapevine's annual Monty Python Madness charity event benefiting GRACE Grapevine. Tickets are $25 for adults and $15 for seniors and students. To purchase tickets and for more information on the rest of the weekend's Python-related events (silly walks, anyone?), visit

mrsCutout at 3:13 pm September 25

Ah great article!

Johnnyrose: Man, how I love to go and see her......................................................................................... and, yes, mrsCutou.... I've seen this...... but not her.......

mrsCutout at 3:13 pm September 25

Haha! Well go on a plane it's not far.well ok it is.I hope she'd come ere too.And all of them!

mrsCutout: I would fly to the US...but I can't ! Ah thanks for sharing any way! has JR seen this?