The Monty Python Movie Quiz on Monday 21 July!

Hello all,

Forgive this blatent self-promotion but I'm doing an unoffical Monty Python movie quiz on Monday in North London, I was just popping details here as I thought you may be interested.



21 July 2014, 8pm (tables available from 5pm)
The Monarch, 40 Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8BG
£2 per person, maximum 6 people to a team
Email to book a table/

In celebration of the spifftastic news that the Monty Python will re-unite this year to perform some of the most hilarious moments the world has ever seen and to also welcome the slightly less spifftastic, but equally Monty Pythony, news that "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" is the (unofficial) anthem of this years World Cup, Soundtracks brings you...


A farcical and intellectual brain squeeze of all things Monty Python, limited to and only including the teams three movie's - we think.

Do you really think you know The Meaning of Life?
Think you know where to find the The Holy Grail?
Think you could write a biography on The Life Of Brian?

One team will take the floor and collect their rewards. The rest will cower before our might and kneel before our regality and sigh beneath our eternal brilliance. And accept their fate - which may or may not include a coconut shy and bunting.

Special guests may include Biggus Dickus, Brian's Mom, The Black Knight and a Man With Bendy Arms.

Special prizes will include a can of spam.

BOOK YOUR TABLES NOW. There is only limited seating at The Round Table. And there are only limited tables next to seats.

£2 entry per person. Maximum players in a team 6 people. Minimum fuss - minus 7. Average height - not applicable.

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