Monty Python reunion planned for Doune Castle

Does anyone have current news on this? Already happened? How do you go?

Terry Jones has unveiled plans to reunite the surviving members of the Python comedy team at a castle in Scotland to mark the 35th anniversary of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

The 67-year-old comedian and author is to take part in an international fan gathering next year at Doune Castle in Stirlingshire, where much of the movie was filmed.

Jones, who played several roles in the 1975 spoof of Arthurian legend, said he hoped his fellow Pythons can be persuaded to join him.

The team made their last film together in 1983 and Graham Chapman died in 1989. The five surviving members — Jones, Michael Palin, Eric Idle, John Cleese and Terry Gilliam — have only reunited in public on a handful of occasions.

Jones, who played Sir Bedevere, Prince Herbert and Dennis’s Mother in the movie, said he looked forward to taking part in a reunion.

“I absolutely love Doune Castle and have so many happy memories there,” he said. “I’d certainly be interested in returning and it would be lovely to reunite with some of the guys if they were available.”

Jones, who earlier this year recorded an audio guide for visitors to the 14th century castle, said he had last visited it in 2001 with Palin.

“We wondered if anyone would even remember that we made the film there, but we were delighted to be told that the majority of visitors are Monty Python fans,” he said.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail was mostly shot on location in Scotland at Doune Castle, Castle Stalker in Argyll and Glencoe.

Historic Scotland, which owns the castle, said it expected hundreds of fans from around the world to take part in next year’s celebration.

“We are anticipating interest from all around the world, though the size of the castle means we have to limit ticket numbers to about 500,” said a spokesman. “We’ll be encouraging people to come in costume.”

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Paute at 6:09 pm January 13

Here Why not buy those things?
When I go to England I will buy it!

Kasmira at 6:05 am January 14

I was amazed when I saw them on the shelf of supermarket. In Finland.

the_thina at 3:54 am January 19

they were here in sweden for a while too. but I never bought one, I dont like beer, thet were expensive and Im always low on cash

Kasmira at 12:13 pm January 19

It was expensive but worth it ;) I like beer and at the beginning I was seaching somethin SPECIAL at that moment and when I saw the bottle it was already sold itselfs to me :D

thewastelandr at 10:35 am January 19

We have them here in America! In fact, the small restaurant/bar by my house in my hometown serves it!

Paute at 12:31 pm January 19

Why here not????

Hanri at 10:09 am January 14

Yep, they've been selling it to us lucky people for at least a couple of years. :) Tasty!

Lady April: My highway off-ramp sign reads...
"will have sex for Pythons at Doune"

Paute at 1:18 pm January 13

Mmmm...not bad idea ¬¬

housepet1 at 3:35 pm January 13

Can I join ya?

Lady April at 8:49 am January 14

"Will have sex for Michael Palin"

Lady April at 8:50 am January 14

WITH mabey...

Kasmira at 9:02 am January 14

I would have sex with all of them. Intercourse the Pythons and me. Lovely thought ;D

WolfSpirit at 1:32 pm January 14

So what... are we now rather then sexing to either raise money or bribe someone to taking us to Doune Castle are we now sexing the Pythons themselves to bribe them? lol

I'm joining in lol

Lady April at 9:16 am January 14

checkin your profile pic - he he*snorts*

Paute at 6:06 pm January 13

We could put a small business

WolfSpirit at 6:45 pm January 13

I can join as well... if you're making a business though i can help out with advertising and appointments and things. lol

Paute at 6:48 pm January 13

You´re in!

WolfSpirit at 1:33 pm January 14

Perfect! I'll make a myspace for it! and a facebook group. Hm... Maybe some adverts in the newspapers lol.

WackyQueen at 3:20 am January 19

INTERCOURSE!! Later dear.

MontyPython93: GOD I WANNA GOO!!!! :O

housepet1: If someone is going, please take me with you, I'll be nice and can even fit into your suitcase! :-) Oh I so wanna gooooooooo!!!!

Paute at 4:01 pm January 12

Me too. I will hide in a plane and jump when pass by there

WolfSpirit at 1:04 pm January 13

I'm not even kidding. If I thought there was any chance I totally would do that lol

WolfSpirit: Yea... can't go. I can't afford going to damn scotland. I can' barely afford to go to Chicago and thats an hour train ride only.

Paute at 3:08 pm January 12

I can´t go. I posted this because i don´t travel for many reasons:
1- Money
2- Distance
3- Time
4- Money
5- Distance
6- Time
7- Money
8- Spam
9- Spam
10- Lovely Spam!

My heart hurts!

WolfSpirit at 1:03 pm January 13

Ha. I'm with you.

Though for me Money would just be all of them. I have plenty time since I just have a part time job and I WANT to travel so distance isn't a problem.

Well... I suppose Money and my horrible sense of direction....

I'd plan on going to Scotland and end up in Australia or something lol

Lady April: Kisch posted this link late November I think. Bringing it up again just gets us riled up, nuthin wrong with that! =)

Kasmira at 12:20 pm January 12

yes, it's ok. just a quick reminder for us. x)

Lady April at 1:00 pm January 12

It is alll good - I SOOOOOO wanna go!!!!!!

Kasmira at 1:13 pm January 12

It's once in a life time happening so I'll cry so hard if I can't get a change to be there. I wanna meet you guys and of course Dear Terry J & G, Michael, Eric and John. *dreaming*

Paute: Oh my god. Take pictures... snif!

Kasmira: Yes, we have already talked about that and it's going to happen this year... if it's going to happen anyway...? I hope it will and that I'm there :D

Fettle at 1:07 am January 13

theres no word of when its meant to happen yet though is there? I think May as thats when the film was released.....but im hoping for August...