Monty Python Reunion at the Ziegfeld Theatre in NY 10/15/09 06:49PM patient in the beguining...'s never enough to see it once...

from here:

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crzyltvn: Re-watching it = good idea. Re-watching it in class = good idea only if you're ok with odd looks from classmates who do not know what you're watching. :)

the_thina: you gotta love them. we scream about them getting together at least once every tenth year. and they do it. they bitch about it, but you know deep inside that they do enjoy it and love us. :)

armenia67 at 7:10 pm October 19


mrsCutout at 7:17 am October 20

Haha yeah amen! THANK YOU! Thanks for uploading this!! I 'll have to agree with you thina. I realy do think as well that they enjoy it!! And gotta thank them for reuniting all together even once in every ten years!That PROVES that they love us and they still enjoy each others company! (even if they won't accept it!)