Monty Python Scavenger Hunt

I thought of another way we could celebrate International Python Day. WE could have a scavenger hunt. I've made a list of things for us to find. Everything on the list has a Monty Python connection.


Find as many items as you can on the list and post images of them in this thread.
You may take photos of actual items and post them or post screencaps or scans from
books and magazines. You may find the items on other sites. You may not draw the items
yourself. Gilliam's animations are allowed.

Here's the list:

A can of spam

A lumberjack (it can be Michael or Eric or anyone)

A killer Rabbit

10 Kinds of cheese (Mr. Wensleydale needs some for his cheese shop)

An Albatross

An ant

A cat

A Parrot


A Storage jar

A Fish (Graham and Terry could use some help finding it, of course I'm referring to a
certain Meaning of Life sketch)

A Flying Sheep

A Gumby (the Python kind to be exact and not this kind of Gumby: )

A Hell's Granny

A Hermit

A Larch

A Penguin

A Toupee

An upperclass twit

A Knight of Ni

A 16-ton weight

Links to 3 Monty Python sites not including Pythonline
(If you can post a comment in this thread, then you
already know about Pythonline)

And a Shrubbery (thanks for the idea French Taunter)

Edit: I'm posting this now so people will have a chance to find as many things as possible on the list between now and October 5,th. Although if anyone wants to play after the 5,th they are very welcome to :)

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TheSister91: I'm copying down the list!! I wanna make a very big collage :D

arkennedy at 12:49 pm May 01

I'm looking forward to seeing it :)

French Taunter: Where is the shruberry?

French Taunter at 6:01 pm April 24

... And also the waiter with the nacked bottom? huh? ;)

Ms. Neutron 1974: I wonder where that fish has gone?

arkennedy: I'm bringing this thread back into circulation.

mrsCutout: Hahhaa! That's cool! I love it.I'll take photos all week and try to post as close to the anniversary!

arkennedy at 10:36 pm October 04

I'm looking forward to seeing them :)

Hanri: Marvellous! I expect to see many image collages on Oct 5th! :D Great idea.

arkennedy at 10:05 am October 01

Thanks :) I've always loved scavenger hunts so I decided a Python one would be fun.