Monty Python in Vanity Fair Oct 2009

A nice little picture of the pythons. I saw this in Vanity Fair and just had to put it up!

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the_thina: it looks very badly photoshoped LOL. like their heads have been put in over the faces on a picture of 5 completely different pepole. very strang picture

WackyQueen at 6:36 am October 25

haha they do look photoshopped!

mrs.twoshedsgallahad at 7:56 pm October 25

when you think about it... yeah....:D

the_thina at 8:25 pm October 25

was the first thing I thought about when I saw it. haha. but growing up with a father who is/was a photogropher and then going to art school has left its marks on me I supose. ^^

WackyQueen: Haha :D i've never seen this before, interesting! great pic :)