Monty Python wasn't very funny, says Mr. Jones

Found this in my paper today. Quite an interesting read actually :P

Click the picture to get a bigger view.

If you want the online version however, go here:

A similar article from another newspaper (the Telegraph):

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Ivan Orsecock: Truly Shocking Indeed!!! A British newspaper out-of-context quoting!?! Attempting to polarize a subjective concept such as humor!?! Pretending that the opinion of one ignorant twat from Alnwick is equal to the opinion of a handsome & intelligent fellow such as myself (along with millions of others)!?! Trying to out-funny a Python!?! Outrageous!!! Harrumph-Harrumph!!!

May I suggest a Nationwide (nay- International) campaign of peeing upon these scandalous fish-wraps where-ever they may be found. In the box next to the bus stop, in front of the kiosk near the train station or at your grocer's check-out aisle.

Remember, it's not censorship, it's voting with your bladder!

katithepythonfan: Am I the only one who finds it funny how Sunday Times and the other papers emphasize different things...

Here Comes Another One at 3:39 pm April 12

I know! I find it hilarious too! I couldn't believe the Mail and the Telegraph both made entire articles out of one rather offhand comment. Especially since the Times had another interview with TJ a few days before, which was him talking about things he'd learnt over the years, and it was so much more awesome than the other one! But they don't want him to be awesome, I guess. It would not serve their purposeseses.

Here Comes Another One: Hmm. Methinks this writer has the makings of a fine music journalist (music journalists have all the charm for me of, say, fleas on black rats in 1348). But it was an interesting read - thanks for posting, MrsA!

Here Comes Another One at 9:18 pm April 11

After some investigation, I've found the Sunday Times article from which the Mail and Telegraph were quoting. I've pasted it below for anyone who's interested.

Witter: What’s happening?
TJ: I’m directing an opera about a doctor. Patients love him, he has a wonderful cure rate, but he’s told to stop practising because he’s a dog.

Will it have mass appeal?
Well, I like it, but I haven’t seen many operas. The critics will probably hate it because it’s full of tunes.

Is a libretto easier to write than jokes?
I’ve never written any jokes.

I have appalling memories from my childhood — seeing you naked playing an organ every week on Python. Do you feel guilty about that?
Well, since you put it like that I feel very guilty. Are you having therapy for it? I’d be willing to pay.

People say Python hasn’t aged well. Do you still find it funny?
I’ve only occasionally found Python funny. I used to watch in trepidation at things that didn’t work, wondering if no-one would laugh.

Wasn’t it a cop-out, and lazy writing, just filling the gaps with cartoons?
Yes. But Terry Gilliam covered the cracks so wonderfully.

Are you all still friends — or rivals?
Friends, for the most part, though we all wished Eric’s Spamalot had been more successful. Especially John and myself — we need the money.

There’s a 40-year age gap between you and your Swedish girlfriend, Anna Soderstrom. Do you have anything in common?
Medieval Welsh.

Were your mates impressed when they found out about her?
I haven’t told any of them yet.

What do you talk about? The Rutles? Enoch Powell? That Was the Week that Was?
People. Politics. Knitting. She’s more intelligent than me.

What’s it like being an old dad? I mean, when your daughter’s in her 40s you’ll be about 110…
It’s like a miracle, an impossible event in a world where entropy is endemic. I hope I live to 110. But my other kids will be in their 70s!

You must be pretty rich these days. But have you actually become an Upper Class Twit?
Still tripping over matchboxes, still having difficulty getting the bras off debutantes… yet I still have to pay off the mortgage.