Monty Python's Newscaster of the Year Awards (Wow!)

Teehee, an awesome little gem I found a while back on Youtube. MP held an awards ceremony to promote their Big Red Book in 1971. Enjoy!
Watch out for 1:37, you'll laugh your socks off!

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mrsCutout: Hey i can't see it! WHy can you tell me the title to look it up on utube?? please!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 6:03 am April 14

Sure thing! Just simply type in Monty Python Newscaster of the Year and it should be the first one.

the_thina: hahaha. thanks for posting, never seen or heard about this before.
and is it just me, or does the woman with her tittsmor or less hanging out resemble janis joplin a bit in the face?

Lvndr HppE at 5:57 pm April 12

You're right! She does look like Janis Joplin! But Janis Joplin had died by this time, hadn't she?

the_thina at 5:10 am April 13

she died in october 1970 if I remember correctly. she,jim morrson and jimi hendrix all deied within a years time in 70/71. very tragic storys behind all of them.

Lvndr HppE at 1:30 pm April 13

All at the age of 27, which is how old I am right now. Scary. I'd better look both ways when I cross the street.

the_thina at 6:38 pm April 13

haha! Im 28, so that scary age is all over for me. ^^
I saw a clip on youtube with some asshole saying he is jim morrison. and he was talking about some song and got the title wrong... I know however that there was some strange things going on when he died, dont remember exactly what, but I dont think he is alive... nor do I think elvis or michael jackson or anyone of those is. and paul macartney is alive, dont belive those stories either

Lvndr HppE at 8:35 pm April 13

Ever heard of Tupac Shakkur? He was a rapper from the 90s that tragically died in 97. He's kinda the new Elvis in there is a big controversy around his death, because they never figured out who killed him. Plus the fact that the last music video he did was about his dying and coming back to see his friend as a ghost. Add on top of all that the fact that he still has music coming out, and that leads a lot of people to believe that he never died, but just joined the witness protection program. lol

thewastelandr at 9:56 pm April 13

LOL!! I once worked with a guy who got all the same tattoos as Tupac... It was cool/creepy.

Holly at 6:24 pm April 16

yeah, that is kinda weird

kisch: AWESOME!!!! Made my dade ! Have never seen this - thank you!!

kisch at 9:13 am April 12

Made my day, I was meaning to say of course.
Graham is SO handsome there, if only for a brief second.

the_thina at 9:32 am April 12

yeah he really does. but he was always very good looking.

marga: the quality is awesome. pity i don't know any of the 'winners'.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:00 pm April 12

I only know Richard Baker, because he's appeared in MPFC a few times ;)

thewastelandr: Hahahaha... amazing find! I had no idea this ever happened. 1:37 is hilarious... Terry! He's always falling down, lol. And the closeup of Cooper's chest towards the end... lol. So funny!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:10 pm April 12

TBH, I never thought this existed either. I wonder if Michael mentions it in his diaries. I'll have to have another look.
And Jonesy falling is just brilliant. It looked like it hurt, though =P

thewastelandr at 12:11 pm April 12

That's a good place to check. I need to read that too... got it for Christmas but have had no time with schoolwork and all. Is it good? I'm sure it's marvelous. Anyway, yes Terry falling looks painful! It seems like every interview he is either falling or rolling around on the floor or something!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 2:58 am April 13

Yeah that's very true! Terry is such a looney xD
And yes, his diaries are a very good read for any Python fan. I had a look in the '1971' bit and it mentioned nothing about this awards night. I had no idea why at first, but I think this might explain it, and I quote:

"The 4 month gap at this point (His last entry was August 11th 1971) is a result of a diarist's nightmare, the loss of a complete notebook. According to family folklore, it was dumped in the rubbish bin by my son William who, at the age of 1, had developed a great interest in putting things inside other things, Whatever happened, it never reappeared."