Monty Python's Terry Jones on being a dad at 69

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a_nervous_wreck: Squee! They are so cute together. I say good on Terry for having another kid, cause old dads are just awesome

mrsCutout: Such a cute baby! So sweet! Looks a lot like Terry!

mrs galahad 19: Both him and his daughter have the same expression! :D

Pantomime horse: That also happened to me! But when I removed the link in my post it was okay.. So it probably goes better when you remove any link. :D

Johnnyrose: ****`**** filter! *+*+++**+***+

Johnnyrose: I'm being "Your submission has triggered the spam filter and will not be accepted."

mrsCutout at 4:05 pm October 13

Ah it happens to me a few times!

Johnnyrose at 12:17 am October 17

Damm Romans!