In the mood for Mikey xo

photo session

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mrs galahad 19: Michael at 8:30 in the morning before I head off to make costumes for 'The Wild Party'? YES!! Puts me in a good mood :)

mrs galahad 19: Oh god. First photo still makes me hyperventilate. Such a gorgeous, handsome, beautiful, suave, foxy man.

Michellious88: In terms of older people who are attractive, there are MILFs, DILFs, and then there are GILFs. Mikey Palin is a GILF ;)

Pantomime horse at 12:22 am September 24

Or simply a gift..

The Ex-Leper: oh my gosh he is adorable :D

The Ex-Leper at 11:39 am December 07

sorry for the double post I guess my excitement was much more immense than I had first thought ;D

Lvndr HppE at 9:30 am December 08

Well, that's how adorable he is! ;-)

The Ex-Leper: oh my gosh he is adorable :D

JudeQuinn: I'm not sure why, but I find Michael Palin to be extremely attractive. Given the chance I'd do very naughty things to him.

Tanya_Birklid19 at 9:14 am December 07

Don't we know it, love. ;) We'd ALL loved to do those things to him because he's VERY handsome and VERY sexy. He's a fox.

J.Gambolputty: he truly is lovely in all of them :)

Here Comes Another One: Re 1st pic. Does sitting on washing machines do the same for men as it does for women? Is this, in fact, disguised Python porn? LOL!

Lvndr HppE: Oooh, he is beautiful in every picture here.

the_thina: hehe, the first pic got me thinking of one of neils songs... front loader. look it up on youtube and listen to the lyrics... can almost HEAR mike going "front loader let me turn you on!" haha!

MontyMaria: Lovely :)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: He's so awesome (-:

TheSister91: wowy!! even an Italian Restaurant!!! XD missed Mickey.. dunno why!

Jatta: How should I say this... YUMMY!!! :p
beautiful photos, beautiful man...

Lvndr HppE: Where are these from? What kind of photoshoot was this?

TheRealGilliamFan at 12:35 pm September 10

The first set are promotion stills for a documentary called Pythonland where he would knock on the doors of residences, businesses and shops where Python sketches had been filmed :) The second set - I'm not really sure - but I imagine probably has to do with his travel series.

Paute at 2:28 pm September 10

Yes! In the DVD for 30 Anniversary.

Paute: Wow! I love how it looks in the second photo.

A. Lupin: 8D I love these! Thank you so muchh, he's amazingg.

mrsCutout: Aaaaahhhhh! Aww I am melting mikey mikey mikey!!!!!Thanks for the pics he looks great!

thewastelandr: OMG what a photoshoot!!! He is SO AMAZING! Thank you for posting!!!

Tanya_Birklid19: God, that first photo made me hyperventilate! I'm good now, phew.

Holly at 9:06 pm September 09

me too, so nice :)

Not that late: Now I'm in the mood for Mikey too!!!