More Suckish Drawings From Your's Truly

I was drawing a picture for my friend today of some kind of logo she'd made in our design class, and decided to add my own touch. At first I was only going to draw me and her, but I ended up making us look like John and Graham, and then I thought "well you can't just draw two of the pythons and leave the others out. They're a community, a majority vote, up the workers and all that stuff!" I had A Hard Day's Night on the brain today for some reason. Anyway, here is another failed drawing by me. Enjoy

PS: I uploaded two pictures cause I couldn't decide which looked better

PSS: From left to right, John, Graham, Eric, Mike, Terry G, and Terry J

PSSS: I like apples...

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arkennedy: Your drawings look good to me.

I like the second drawing the best :)

btw: I love the expression on Terry J's face.

a_nervous_wreck at 1:18 am February 22

Thnx. He's mad cause he's short. Don't worry Terry, I feel your pain!