THE most suckish drawing in the world

I was drawing Jack Sparrow's tattoo on my English homework, and for some reason it just reminded me of the argument in Holy Grail, so I drew it carrying a coconut. Yes, I know its actually supposed to be a swallow, but as I said, it started out as Jack's tattoo, so its a sparrow instead. Now, bask in the glow of my craptastic drawing! BASK IN IT!!!

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Ach, we all have our good and bad drawing moments. I suffer from it all the time.

You do have a deviantart account, right? Say "YEAH, I DO, MRS. A!"

a_nervous_wreck at 7:42 am February 09

No. Sorry, I don't. :(

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 12:56 pm February 09

Bugger. Nah, it's okay. Doesn't matter :P

a_nervous_wreck at 1:23 pm February 09

Okay. Maybe I'll make one

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 11:01 am February 10

Dr. Horsey Dragon MBE is very pleased with your decision, as he looks down on you from Fantasy Heaven. He looks depressed but this is his happy face.

a_nervous_wreck at 11:56 am February 10

Mr. Dr. Horsey Dragon MBE, it is very nice to meet you. Why the long face? *rimshot

Here Comes Another One: A BASK, A BASK! Just think, at least you can draw a basic bird shape. 99 times out of a hundred I cannot. Whenever I try & draw anything my brain goes all peculiar and I forget what things look like, and they come out stupid. Yet sometimes, just once in a Norwegian Blue moon with beautiful plumage, my brain doesn't go peculiar, and I can draw quite well.

mrsCutout: OH MY God!

the_thina: what does the note say? "to england" I can make out I think, but the rest?

a_nervous_wreck at 3:40 pm February 08

It says "To England or bust"

the_thina at 3:49 pm February 08

haha ok.

l_wojcik: I'm completely going to steal the word craptastic from you. Consider it stolen. :-)

a_nervous_wreck at 2:17 pm February 08

Go ahead. I stole it from my friend anyway. :-)