MP in LEGO... Sooo coool!

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Yelruh Hcaz: I love the Mr. Creosote one!

mrsCutout: WOAH!!!!! That's awesom!!!!!I want these! What a great gift!

katithepythonfan: Wow... That's all I can say.

Pantomime horse: Oh my! That's great! Thanks for posting! :D

GloriaTheWarrior: OHH DEar this is friggin amazing!! new cooker sketch is the BEST..:)

Johnnyrose: The first day of BrickCon 2011 co-incides exactly with the 40th anniversary of the release of the first Monty Python movie, "And Now for Something Completely Different". What a perfect excuse! As if we really needed one...

"PythonScape" is a collaborative Monty Python themed Lego diorama to be presented at BrickCon 2011, in Seattle this fall. PythonScape is hosted by Bricks of Character, and will be a MINILAND scaled project.