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So last night I was watching Adult Swim in the wee hours of the morning and this show was on called Look Around You. It was a British show that had some stuff in it that I felt the Pythons would have done had Flying Circus been a modern day show. It played like some sort of science educational news show but there were ridiculous things on there like human rocket fuel and soccer balls made of meat...anyhow it was rather ridiculous and funny in the fact that they were all so serious about it. I don't know if any of you have ever seen or heard of this show...I hadn't and don't know anyone who has...but I did like it and if you are interested maybe it's on youtube...I don't really know to be honest...well I've gone and talked too long so I will stop now.

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mrsCutout: Hey ex Leper!!I had no idea of the existance of this show haha but i saw a bit on utube it is hillarious!!!!!!!!!Thanks a lot for that!Please feel fre to post anything and anytime!

The Ex-Leper: here is something I see as Pythonesque that they ahve its on the bbc website but I thought I would put it here bc its pretty great:
Invention of the Week: Geodermic Grantitis, or Cobbles, is a terrible affliction which causes the sufferer to turn into a pile of rocks. Inventor Dr Phillip Lavender, who has the disease himself, developed a cream made from cream, potassium, nitrates, potassium nitrates and nitrate of potassiate nitrates which provides some relief.

WolfSpirit at 1:35 pm January 12

You're right... thats like... pure Pythonesque there lol

The Ex-Leper: Okay so I looked around and here is the bbc website for it here: and here are some links to youtube for it here not sure they will work but here anyhow:
And here are some other links to it:
see what you think!

Lady April: I've gone cross-eyed...

Holly: What time was it on? You've peaked my curiosity.

The Ex-Leper at 10:01 am January 12

I'm thinking maybe 1:30 or 2 am...i cant really remember though but I'm sure you could find the Adult Swim schedule somewhere on the internet

WolfSpirit at 1:34 pm January 12

I'll keep an eye out for it then lol.

Romanes Eunt Domus at 12:16 pm January 12 1:00 Eastern.

mrsCutout at 7:51 am January 15