MUMMY, I did some ART....o.O

Please not this: this is my first try to draw humans! It is only an exercise...:) But still enjoy!..:)

(notes: I had to rewrite Gumbies speech bubble because it was not readable, and the third picture should display Graham Chapman(my first try) and don't ask me about the last one...)

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PhilosopherBruce-Mrs: Those look really great! The Gumby is just AWESOME! xD
Oh my..It's Graham with his pickaxe! RUN AWAY!!!

Pantomime horse: Hey great! I think you're really good proportions! I only can say now.. Keep it up! :D

arkennedy: I think you did a great job (even if this hadn't been your first try you did a great job) on these. My favorite is the second one :)