Mustard Magazine Michael Palin Interview

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Psychedelia: oh nice thanks! it reminds me of the family tree in the dnays and 1948 dvd's but plus cute drawings :p

Lady April at 10:54 am December 15

That was my first though too when I got this magazine and saw that!

Psychedelia at 11:04 am December 15

love dvd extra stuff, they should make the dvdboxes bigger and fill 'em! like the box with the inflatable parrot. maybe an inflatable Michael? that would sell :O

Holly at 7:59 pm December 16

I'd buy that!

Lady April at 11:18 am December 15

They actually had a 16 Ton boxed set available at one time that came with all that stuff! Minus the blow up Mikey that is.... Oh I would have to sell my body for THAT!

Psychedelia at 11:21 am December 15

I have the monster box, + parrot, % michael :(

Lady April at 1:48 pm December 15

Oh cool! I wanted that set but it was only region 2 and at the time I had a crap DVD player that was not multi-regional!

Psychedelia at 2:05 pm December 15

with variations of different Michaels :o an ex-leper or a sir galahad

Lady April at 2:34 pm December 15

oooo lucky!

housepet1 at 3:50 pm December 15


mrsCutout: oh thank you for that!:)

housepet1: Is this article continued or is this it?

Holly at 10:33 am December 15

I think that's it, but I'm going to try to get a copy of the magazine to see...

Lady April at 10:33 am December 15

That is the main article, although Mikey makes little appearances all over the magazine in comic form! Soooo cute!

housepet1 at 11:53 am December 15

Ooooh, I wanna see the mag now!!!!!!!! :-P

marga: the family tree is fabulous!

The Ex-Leper: Love it!

Johnnyrose: Excellent!!! Thank you very much for charing.

Lady April: Oh yes, I bought and distributed a few copies earlier this year. Great mag! Michael was all over in it outside of the interview. So awesome!