My autograph colection

Now I tell you about my holy quest: to get every Python's autograph.

The Story Behind the Pictures:

1.- It was quite easy to get Palin's autograph, it took just a month for him to answer my letter, no problems with that.

2.- When Palin had signed the "A Fish Called Wanda" cover and "Holy Grail" script, I took an envelope and without much thought I sent the same script to Jones.
I wouldn't recomend that, it was two months of nightmares involving a mad postman that hated Jones because he was jealous of his fame, and the postman collected all Jones' fan mail and had a room full of pictures of him taken behind the bushes... and my letter was on a big sack of letters for weeks and then the mad postman would read it and see the autograph of Michael Palin and sell it on ebay...
Anyway, Jones finally signed my book and sent it back to me, I will never do this again.

3.- Probably you will say that Chapman's autograph is fake (please, don't). I'll tell you the story and then if you still feel it's fake don't laugh at me, please.
I was looking for "A Liar's Autography" on Amazon, but they just had it on the marketplace (you know, when they don't have something but there are others who want to sell their used ones). And then I saw it, it said "Collectible" and "Signed Copy" and it was the first edition with hardcover and plastic jacket and all, it was "just" 30 pounds and the seller was "oxfamf2908" I read the seller's feedback and apparently it was The non-governmental institution Oxfam. So anyway, I bought it, and I don't think Amazon would like to have an Oxfam's impersonator for seller, so the worst that could happen is that I gave 30 pounds to a non-govermental institution, right?
Well, the book arrived in perfect conditions, it looked old, but the person who had it treated it very well, they had made a special... (what should I call it?) "glove" for the dust jacket, a home made plastic case so you could see it but couldn't touch it, but if you wanted to put it out of this "glove" it was like new! (so the thing is that a Monty Python fan with OCD had died and their heirs gave this book to Oxfam, or was that another of my nightmares?).

What do you think about my holy quest?

I'm half the way, I already wrote the others, no response yet, but I'm satisfied with what I have if they don't answer me any soon.

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thewastelandr: Beautiful!!! Great autographs!

the_thina: HOLY CRAP! :O look in the book and see when it was printed, please? if it IS real, please leave it in your will for me. then I just... arrange a little accident. haha

Not that late at 8:16 am November 19

It's printed in 1980. I'll think about the will... but threatening me is not a good appeal, you know.

the_thina at 9:18 am November 19

hm, the first print was in 1980, what edition does it say it has?
haha, no, I was kidding you know. ^^

Not that late at 10:03 am November 19

As I said, it's the first edition, printed in 1980, hardcover, looks old but very well preserved... I don't have any doubts about the age of the book, there's no way they can falsify that (and no point), the signature could be falsified, but as I also said, I don't think it's fake.
Ps: I was kidding also, I know you wouldn't kill me, not now that you said it.

the_thina at 11:33 am November 19

that is extremely cool! I only got it in pocket, have been trying to find it as a "real" book for years, but cant. :( at least in my copy its a very touching bit written by eric after grahams death

Not that late: add a comment

Not that late at 4:04 am November 19

oops! nevermind

TheRealGilliamFan: That is soooo cool! You wrote to him and asked for the autograph??

lmm86: That is awesome congrats!

kisch: Isn't he just sweet:))) I wonder is there anyone who didn't get a response to a letter to him... congrats! He was the first Python I wrote to, too.

mrsCutout: WOW! Did you sent him these to sign them or he sent them himselfe?It's so great congrats!!!!He wasn't late it's ok!But you're lucky it took me 3 years till I decided to sent him a letter!

Not that late at 6:22 am August 30

Ha ha! No... I had to ask him :'(
I think he was really fast.
And I'm surprised too, because I never wrote to a celebrity before, but I felt the urge to tell him how much I love them... so I did it!

Johnnyrose: That is great, Not that late !