My Carol Cleveland autographed pictures... isn't the world is wonderful?

Finally the 4 autographed pictures I asked... arrived!
I sended my request to miss Cleveland last December but it was not forgotten... and they arrived on friday 27, but only recived today from my neighbor, because I was away on holyday, but my neighbor recived the envelope from me (he's a trooper)... and when I opened it ... there was not 3 but 4 pictures, signed by the lovely Miss Carol Cleveland. She sended me 4 pictures because she said she was sorry to take that long... a real Lady, as I expected.

She was kind enough to send me an e-mail saying among other things):

"I AM SO SORRY! Especially as I know that 'Johnnyrose' has been a long time fan!

I'm glad that you enjoyed Not the Messiah. We certainly had fun doing it! By the way, Terry was not meant to fall on top of me and we were giggling like children on the floor! Why did you not come to the stage door for an autograph?! Those who stuck it out and hang around till our party was over did, at least get mine and Eric's."

And if you know me a little, you know that I'm a HUGE fan of her, and what this mean to me...

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Johnnyrose: Can you belive that this fantastic lady sended me an e-mail, because she would like to know if the photos had arrived allright? Gosh, shes a real lady! How I admire her!!

kisch at 12:07 pm September 25

What a wonderful person! You must be over the Monn, J:))))) Fantastic!

Johnnyrose at 12:10 pm September 25

A bit further... beyond over the moon, Kisch ... ;0)))

Hanri at 2:23 pm September 25

Now THAT's how you treat your fans! Brilliant, now I love her even more!

Holly: CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sure it was well worth the wait. She's so sweet.

JimRG: That is a really cool story. It's nice to know that there are those out there who are famous who really do care about their fans. I bet you frame that email and hang on the wall for everyone to see.

Johnnyrose at 3:02 pm August 30

Yes, you are right, this proves her great character... a Lady that likes her fans too...

And I do know what it means to you:)))

Johnnyrose at 3:07 pm August 30

Thank you, Kisch! It took me a while to have the courage to wright a letter to her... and the waiting for the responce... man! I hate waiting...

Not that late: That's nice! And she is a real Lady indeed.

Johnnyrose at 3:10 pm August 30

I'm sooooo happy to confirm it... as I expected!

mrsCutout: WOW! Oh my go JR this is great! Congratulations you must be so exited! She's so kind and she sent an e-mail too wow!I knew she was so nice! Good for you!

Johnnyrose at 3:17 pm August 30

Yes, mrs.Cutout, I'm realy excited to confirm that she's kind and sweet!

TheRealGilliamFan: Congratulations! XD That's so cool :D

Johnnyrose at 3:18 pm August 30


thewastelandr: Congrats! How wonderful! And what a nice message!!

Johnnyrose at 3:13 pm August 30

Yeay!!! And the "... my pythonline fan" part... it's an honor!

the_thina: CONGRATS! see, I told you she would answer! :)

Johnnyrose at 2:37 pm August 29

I'm soooooo glad that you were right...

the_thina at 2:51 pm August 29

yes, me too. had acctually begin to wonder if I had got her all wrong, if she was a snob and all full of herself even if she never have seemed to be. but now we know she isent! :)