My contribution to Monty Python 40th Birthday

I dedicate this to all my Python friends and also... to the Monty Python gang themselves... and Carol and Neil... and to the other half of me... my Rose.

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TheSister91: :) lovely!!

Jatta: that's bwilliant, JR :D Love it !

kissmyarrrtichoke: I like it :D

MontyMaria: Cool, nice job! :D

Johnnyrose at 12:38 pm November 12

Oh, dear... it took me hours... Oh, never mind I'll paint another kangoroo...

marga: great work! i even see one of the pics i took at royal albert hall!!! :D

Johnnyrose at 2:09 pm November 10

Marga, hope you don't mind...

MontyPython93: Woah! Awesome job :D

arkennedy: Looks like you put a lot of time and effort into this. It's a great contribution :)

mrsCutout: Yeah and in my python picture collection!! Awesom job!!!!!thank you!

Lady April: This is now on my desktop!

Fettle: add a comment

Fettle at 1:19 pm November 06

Thats great!! Well done you!! :-)

Lady of the Lake: I love that, thanks JR. I'll put it on my wallpaper right away.

kisch: Wow, JR, what an AMAZING piece of work ! Thank you:)

Lady April: This would be awesome in a poster! I want one!

Johnnyrose at 1:06 pm November 06

Did you found yourself in it?

Lady April at 2:01 pm November 06

No actually, I was looking for the playing card with Helene and I.

Johnnyrose at 2:19 pm November 06

On the left, on the Middle of the page, under black&wite Python gang pic.

scottp: WOW!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! Great job, really fun to look at. Thank you very much for all the effort

Johnnyrose at 1:07 pm November 06

Damm! Michael is on top of you pic... sorry...

Lady April at 2:02 pm November 06

wish Michael was on top of me, UH... I mean MY pic :-D

Johnnyrose at 2:20 pm November 06

... LOL

Lady April at 2:51 pm November 06

I figured you might have done that intentionally just to watch me freak out on the board!!!! :-D

CamelSpotter: Incredible collage! Very impressive, and your effort is evident.

Johnnyrose at 10:02 am November 05

I's only a model...

TheLateColonelVolestranglerBracketsMrs: That's excellent. You can look at it for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages, and still find new stuff in there! Great work!

Lady April: Very nice!!! Fabulous work there Jr :-)