To my favorite Animator/Director!

Happy 69th birthday to our very own Terry Gilliam from the whole of the Python Army!

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Lady and Laird Candermine: Love it!.... it's very Gilliam, indeed!

Hanri at 1:01 pm December 06

Mr. Gilliam has been very generous for giving his own drawings for us fans to use on cutout animations on MashCast.. It's AWESOME to make mashes that honor his art!

CamelSpotter: Happy Birthday Terry Gilliam!
And I always love your mashes, Hanri. A great tribute to the animator/director!

Lady April: Happy Birthday Gilly Hun!!!!!!! You are groovy beyond this world!

arkennedy: Happy Birthday Terry Gillaim

WackyQueen: Great vid! :D
Happy B-day TG! :D <3

what_the_fuck: that was awesome, Hanri!! =]
and happy birthday to the great man!! =]

Jatta: Bwilliant work, Hanwi :)

Happy Birthday to our dear Terry!

kisch: Great one, Hanri !!!

Happy birthday to our dear TG !