My first Monty Python autograph from dear Terry J :)

It was last week when I noticed I had a letter... And it definately were the letter I was waiting for! Very quick I held in my hands a letter from PA to Terry Jones. And I found three photos with Terry's autographs! It was my lucky day. :)

Deborah Lyons (PA to Terry Jones) were written regarding my question about the 35th anniversary of The Holy Grail in Doune Castle that she hasn't heard anything about it so far. OK, but at least it was really planned to happen? Anyway, I think I wouldn't be there because of my lack of money but the thought of it is great. All the guys together and fans... Well, let's see what happens... If there is going to happen. Something.

Now, back to the photos. The first one is one of the cutest pictures of Terry but I didn't realize before sending it that my printer wasn't ok and the quality is very crappy... And the last one is cutest pic of him as nowadays. That smile breaking the ice! <3 (EDIT: and the quality sucks again... oh crap!) And Mr Creosote is the one I got from Terry, I didn't send the picture of him in my letter. It is pretty ugly but funny. Bon appetit to you too, Terry ;)!

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mrsCutout: Oh this is so nice congrats! I am senting to michael and terry g!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: O.O! WOW!!!! *uber jealous* XD

Lady and Laird Candermine: What a sweet man!!! Congratulations Kasmira!!! I'm boxing myself up now as we speak LOL i kid.. i joke.. maybe not though.. here sign this....
like kisch said... where's the address????

Paute at 1:29 pm May 04

I saw in Fan Mail:

Kasmira at 11:49 am May 11

Yeah, I found it from there... ! Thanks for all congrats sweeties. :) I'm happy too!!

Paute at 12:04 pm May 11

I´m happy for you!

Lvndr HppE at 12:35 pm May 11

Hey! Gilliam's address is listed!

Paute at 12:41 pm May 11

Is the same of Terry Jones!

thewastelandr: WOW... I second Paute!

Paute at 3:56 pm May 04

You know that i share Jonesy with you!

thewastelandr at 9:15 pm May 11

Yessssss! First we take them on wine tours, then they drive us home! Haha!

thewastelandr at 9:15 pm May 11

I mean Terry, Hugh, and Stephen ;)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 1:31 pm May 05


Paute at 1:32 pm May 05

Oh!!! i steal this picture!! Thanks!!

Lady and Laird Candermine at 3:25 pm May 05

please... do .. I steal all mine.. don't have a single Python orginal..,, lol !!!!!!
Would be grand to make my own... how do I do that???? oh... start by mailing myself to Terry... note to self ... take camera... : )

Paute at 4:25 pm May 05

Welll i leave far far away. Imposible take a picture with Pythons... one of my dreams...

Paute: I´m in love....

kisch: How utterly COOL!!!
What address did you use?

Kasmira at 11:47 am May 11

Terry Jones
Casarotto Ramsay & Associates Limited
Waverley House
7-12 Noel Street

It was such a quick answer... Terry is sweet. Hope he got my card and liked it. <3

Holly: Congratulations!