My first Python autograph from Michael!

As I returned home today from a long day I found an envelope reading Royal Mail and my address And YES it's Mike's answer to my letter i posses a Python autpgraph wow I am so excited!!!!

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thewastelandr: SO COOL!!! No 1 GREEK fan! Amazing!!

J.Gambolputty: Congarts!! So happy for you :)
I have to ask this, but what did you write to him? *thinks about writing him too..*

Alainainthesky: Wow, congrats! I'm going to start working on getting a Python autograph (or two or five).
This is great. You're his number 1 Greek fan! ;)

mrsCutout at 5:30 am July 14

Yey!Isn't this awesom?aww well you should start sending.I sent one to terry j now I have gilly and John.I don't know Eric's address...

sit-on-my-face at 9:31 am July 15

John answered??? I thought he was the one who never did XD... But I shall begin to write them letters too, it's fantastic to have a piece of them!

Paute at 9:59 am July 15

I sent a photo to John. Never answered... :(

mrsCutout at 10:14 am July 15

Oh...too bad.....well he keeps moving so maby he never got it!

sit-on-my-face at 9:32 am July 15

Btw: Eric Idle
ID Public relations
8409 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069

mrsCutout at 9:53 am July 15

Woah!!!!!!You're awesom thanks a lot for the address!! No I didn't sent to John yet.You think he won't answer? No matter.Yes you should I mean they're legends!!and kind enough to read our unimportant silly letters hahaha!

sit-on-my-face at 11:22 am July 15

It's just that nobody here ever received autographs from John or Eric... Nor Graham of course... But I respect that, those are my heros and they do whatever they want I'll still love them.

Paute at 11:29 am July 15

Me too!. I never write to Eric. Is the next on my list.

mrsCutout at 1:56 pm July 15

Oh eric is next for me too!Too bad though maby it's because they live across the atlantic .And Grey stays somewhere else!

sit-on-my-face at 9:23 pm July 15

In heaven's gay club!

mrsCutout at 6:59 am July 16

Hehehe yeah he might be he migh be know what I mean?

Alainainthesky at 5:21 pm July 15

I plan on starting to get their autographs, probably starting with Michael or Terry J because they seem to respond the best.

mrsCutout at 6:59 am July 16

Yes they do actualy!Terry is so cute too!

Colonel Daughter: "good morning mrs cutout!" congrats! the photo is beautiful, too...

mrsCutout at 2:09 pm July 13

Thank you so much!

mrsCutout at 2:09 pm July 13

Good morning to you too!

kisch: By the way what he meant by "No. I greek Fan " ? Whas it the answer to your question?

the_thina at 11:45 am July 13

cant it be "no! a (1) greek fan!" or "number 1 greek fan"? capital I:s and easely be confused with figure 1 when you write by hand

kisch at 8:58 am July 14

Ah, silly me! Now I understand!:)))
#1 Greek fan - it's fantastic to be called that by Michael, isn't it.

mrsCutout at 2:10 pm July 13

Yes it is as you say Thina haha! I just mentioned in my letter that there are very few Python fans in greece and I am one of the biggest!He was so sweet as to remember it!Awwww*melts*

Holly at 2:47 pm July 13

that was sweet, and you know he actually reads his fan mail.

mrsCutout at 5:30 am July 14

He does eh?Well I thought so it's so nice!

kisch: I know how you feel!!! It's one fantastic feeling isn't it?:)))
And this pic of Michael is absolutely wonderful!

mrsCutout at 2:11 pm July 13

Yes isn't it!?Thank you!

Paute: Congratulations!! It´s a great moment isn´t?

mrsCutout at 2:12 pm July 13

Greate!Just great I was so happy I started to run around the house saying "He answered he answered "hahaha!

Paute at 3:06 pm July 13

I know how you feel!!

Johnnyrose: Now wasn't it a nice surprise, mrsCutout ? I bet it was, Bet it was, nuge, nuge!

mrsCutout at 2:13 pm July 13

It was a great surprise JR *wink wink*

the_thina: hehehe. you know, he was my first too.
wonder how many hes been the first for. know what I mean, nudge nudge!
oh sorry, could not help myself. ^^
anyway, congrats as hell. very nice pic too, he looks relaxed and happy

mrsCutout at 2:13 pm July 13

Oh thina...haha you naughty! Nudge nudge!hehhe

the_thina at 3:31 pm July 13

yes I am! and proud of it, do you hear? PROUD! haha

mrsCutout at 5:32 am July 14

Lol! Could you repeat please? hihi..

Tanya_Birklid19: That's pretty cool! I love the picture :)

MontyPython93: AWESOME! I would like to send a letter to all the pythons...

mrsCutout at 2:14 pm July 13

Yes me too.But I miss Grey.Perhaps I'll just sent a letter and she how it goes ...

Holly: I bet you were excited! I'm excited for you. What a great pic too

mrsCutout at 7:52 am July 13

Yes I am very excited thank you very much Holly! :)

Holly at 2:02 pm July 13

very very very welcome

mo: Thats fantastic.:)

mrsCutout at 6:51 am July 13

Yes it is!thank you Mo!