My first python collage!

This is my first collage with some of my favorite python pictures! I know it's nothing special but i am so happy i finally did it!

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Monty Petra: aw. Very pwetty.

mrsCutout at 4:24 pm March 09

oooh thanks a lot! :D

Holly: I like it, do you plan on making anymore?

mrsCutout at 4:24 pm March 09

hmm i would love to you know haha now that i know how it works!

thewastelandr: Love the picture of Mike and the rake... that is one of the best parts of DNAYS I think!

Paute: Wonderful! i like so much!

Mrs Conclusion: To quote Mr Cleese in the silly job interview..."Very good!......Very good indeed!" Well done huney! x

sit-on-my-face: It's quite adorable! I really enjoy the bottom picture and I don't remember having it... Could you post it pleeaaase!? That would be much appreciated!

mrsCutout at 4:25 pm March 09

oh sure i can abit late but i will...

arkennedy: It looks great :)

mrsCutout at 2:56 pm March 03

thanks arky! your collages are the bst!

arkennedy at 3:10 pm March 03

Thanks :)

Kasmira: Michael is your fave one I suppose? :) Nice Pics.

mrsCutout at 2:08 pm March 03

haha oh yes i should have corrected this! it is a collage of mike! sorry!