My Hat It Has No Corners, No Corners Has My Hat!

My Hat it has no corners.

No corners has my hat.

But it has a POINT!

Thank you Hanri.

It has a lion, too!

There is NO WAY I am sharing it with Tere. (But she likes the chocolate)

Our daughter found the perfect scarf for her. So the hat is MINE!!!!!!!

Thank you also for the crunchy frog, it was scrummy! And very REGAL!

So in the T-Mobile bag, I put bunny slippers. The new phone was wrapped plainly.

First one she grabbed for was the T-Mobile bag. Disappointment 'cause we opened oldest to youngest, (with youngest to pick first one gift as first choice).

When she got to her "CLIC" phone - she died!!!!!!!!!!!!! & went to Heaven!!!!!!!!!!!

Her B'day is Jan 7. We got that planned out, too!

Finland, Finland, Finland! (Had to make it relevant!)

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Hanri: You gotta have something to get that lion tamer thing going, you know. Good that you came to an agreement, goes fifty-sixty, like our poor ex-ski jumper once put it.

Wait till it's time for the spring surprise! ;)