My lifes confession nobody will ever read, at least I wont...

Hi there,

I am the real socrates allthough its my name or because of that. I allready had some adventerous episodes... I really enjoyed... and there is my bad english and you! And since I saw Life of Brian you where as important as this evil traitor, as I know now, this guy who said those words: question authority and think for yourself! Yet still good thinking, I might say. And there where dozens of people and ideas who inspired me... becoming logically an anarchist. But there is one outstanding scene wich inspired me more than other real life experiences... they tried to hire me for some secret service... while I was in Libya at the first international conference after lockerbie and cafe belle in berlin, for example... I had crazy times and will have more and different ones... anyhow... I read the green book, an undergraduate version of the mao bible, and i threw it away at the point where he mentioned that women shouldnt vote... they allready have enough other deeds to fullfill... the scene in the Life of Brian is the arguing for the party of liberators just after the ozelot joke... well I organized hundreds of demonstrations and sitins and squattings in berlin and there was allways some feeling in my inner self present, wich I first encountered as a teenager watching your work dozens of times x) allthough i am not a fan, not a fan of noone. But this joke is so great because its no joke... it is the reality. you know this joke... two leftist coming togehter, what will they do... separate x) tragic... and funny... and true. This scene still helps me not becoming too zynical about life and the rest... grrr my english is so bad... its impossible to wirte the essence of my thinking in this language. forget it...
I just wanted to write THANK YOU!
x)...for all the fish.

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