My mashes from before Pythonline was updated

None of the mashes are new. They were all made and posted last year. When I first posted these I used the embedding code. However, I noticed that since we switched over to the new version of Pythonline the mashes were no longer there.
So I have decided to post all the links to the mashes I made back before the site was updated in this thread. Next to each link I have typed the date of the original post.
These aren't perfect mashes but I was still leaning how to use mashcast at the time. (Originally posted: posted April 11-2009) (Originally posted: April-14-2009) (Originally posted: April-12-2009) (Originally posted: April-29-2009)

BTW: I realize Michael's birthday is not for a few months now but when I originally made and posted the mash it was only a week or so early. I'm including it in this post because it is one the the mashes I made that requires a link to it to be able to see it.

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