My present that y'all Might like :)

Jealous Much?

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Fettle: I have all these too :D

Fettle at 7:14 am May 15

Michael signed my Galahad box - started writing himself a little sketch in the inside of the box...

thewastelandr at 11:28 am May 15

WOW! Nice work, Fettle!

Tanya_Birklid19 at 6:26 pm May 15

lol. what was it about?

the_thina: is there a patsy-figure in that series? I love patsy!

mrsCutout: oh shit where the hell did you ever get these babys!? Wow you live in uk?You are a lucky bastard anyway we unlucky ones form other countries can't even find a bloody book!

MontyPythonrocks18 at 1:15 pm May 12

nah I live in california, I found these on Amazon (a site to buy stuff) i was born in the UK though lol

MontyPythonrocks18 at 2:48 pm May 12

Yeah their safe, I got the didnt I? XD Warning though they are a little on the expensive side... if you count $250 dollars as expensive

mrsCutout at 1:19 pm May 12

ooh so you're half britih eh? realy amazon? and it's safe i mean we always hear stuff about online market! though happy for you!!!!!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Jealous much? Jealous LOTS xD

Rosemary Greenwood: Oh, You... If You don't want Sir Galahad...