My Python Christmas gifts

... my wife still manage to surprise me...

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Lvndr HppE: I wish I had that Monty Python desk calender. Unfortunately, I don't have a desk. :-( That board game looks like fun! Unfortunately, I don't know who I would play it with. :-( Well, when wastelandr moves to New York, I will! :-)

Monty Petra: Looks nice! *is jealous*

I got the Holy Grail soundtrack for Christmas. yayz.

mrsCutout: Omg JR these are Excellent! WOw! Good for you!!!! Haha happy new year then :D

Holly: That's fantastic, I'm curious to see what the game looks like when it is set up.

Johnnyrose at 9:57 am January 09

Shall I post a picture?

Paute at 4:41 pm January 10


Holly at 3:29 pm January 10

yes please!

Not that late at 1:34 pm January 10

Sure! And one of the calendar too!

MontyMaria: Cool!

J.Gambolputty: Oh wow! You lucky bastard. No no, only joking, but nice presents you got there ;)