My Python quiz!

I made a rather silly Python quiz. It's to find out what kind of fan you are. Basically you pick the letter that best corresponds to what you think, and keep track of which ones you've picked so you can score yourself at the end. NO PEEKING! I confess I've made free and full use of stereotypes, and you might not agree with my classifications (I rarely agree with other people's quizzes) but it's just for fun really. Well, I had fun writing it - I hope it raises a smile when you do it! Let me know what you think/what you got!


1. How much of the Monty Python output have you seen?

a. I’ve watched Holy Grail, and my friends & I quote it all the time.
b. I’ve seen the films and love them, but I haven’t got round to watching Flying Circus yet.
c. I watched the series when it first came out, bought the records, saw them live several times, watched all the films in the cinema, and took a twenty mile bus ride to see Life of Brian because it was banned in my town. Great days!
d. I catch an episode every now and again when it’s repeated on TV, and I’ve seen a couple of the films. They’re good aren’t they?
e. I’ve got their entire output on CD/DVD, and I watch/listen to them all the time!
f. Are you kidding? I know every word off by heart! And I can’t stop watching them, they were so dreamy!
g. I’ve seen a fair bit. I had to check out what my hero/es did when they were young.

2. Do you express your Python fandom on the Internet at all?

a. Yeah, I’ve got an animated gif of the French Taunter as my avatar on all the forums I’m a member of, and I ‘liked’ Python on Facebook.
b. Well, I’m doing this quiz aren’t I? And I have chatted to other fans on forums a few times.
c. Not really. A young relative of mine sent me a link to this quiz and I thought I’d give it a try, but I didn’t know there were whole communities of Python fans on the Internet!
d. I’m on a Python forum now and again, but some fan communities are a bit weird so I steer clear of them.
e. Yes, I’m never off my favourite forum, and I’ve read some fanfics, and I’ve looked at some fanart. There certainly are some talented people out there!
f. I’m what you’d call a ‘creative’ fan. I draw pictures, make musical montages of Python clips, and I read and write Python fan fiction. I’m a member of several forums.
g. Does being on forums for individual members count?

3. Do you keep up with the latest Python news?

a. Oh, are they still operating?
b. Well, I did hear they’d done a couple of live shows, and I know Terry Gilliam’s quite a successful director now - and Michael Palin does travel shows doesn’t he?
c. Not really. I’m nostalgic for Python because it’s part of my youth, but I’m not avidly interested in everything they do now.
d. If I happen to hear anything I’m interested, because I admire all the Pythons. But I wouldn’t say I actively seek out news about them.
e. I get most of what I need to know from the fan community I’m a member of. And I’m always keeping my ear to the ground for new DVD releases or interviews, and I check out anything the individual Pythons are doing.
f. Oh yes, it’s lovely to see when they get back together again! And I need to keep up with the news so I can repost it in my blog.
g. Only inasmuch as it relates to the individuals whose work I follow.

4. How do you watch a Python DVD?

a. I love all the extras on the Collector’s Edition of Holy Grail, they’re so funny.
b. I watched the feature, and I might have clicked on a couple of the special features.
c. I suppose I might get the DVDs eventually, if I feel the need to watch them again.
d. Well, you press ‘open’ on the DVD player, insert the disc, press play ...
e. Main feature, main feature with commentary if available, extras, main feature with commentary again because the extras have made me understand something I didn’t previously get in the commentary ... then just the main feature when I feel like watching it.
f. Over and over again of course! And the documentaries about the films are so awesome, the boys look so gorgeous, especially on the set of Life of Brian when they’re so ... tanned ...
g. I enjoy the movies, and the commentaries are very interesting - great to see how the directors of the group started out.

5. Have you read any Python or Python-related books?

a. There are books?
b. I’ve read a couple of Michael Palin’s travel books, and Terry Jones’ history books are good too.
c. When I was young I had the books that came out in the ‘70s, but I gave them to a jumble sale ages ago.
d. No, but that’s not to say I won’t in future.
e. Yes I have, and I’m hoping to read more.
f. I’ve managed to collect everything they’ve done so far. There are so many gorgeous pictures! And Michael Palin’s Diaries are just so adorable!
g. I’ve read several books by people who used to be in Monty Python, if that’s what you mean.

6. What do you think of Python fanfiction?

a. Depends what you mean. Some of the alternate Holy Grail endings are kinda funny, but I don’t do RPFF. You should read my Stargate/Twilight/Harry Potter crossover though!
b. Python fanfiction? Oh well, I guess there would be wouldn’t there? Might have to check that out...
c. What’s fanfiction? Is it how it sounds?
d. I’ve glanced at a couple. Doesn’t a lot of it seem a bit ... I dunno ... gay? When most of the Pythons were ... I dunno ... not gay?
e. I’ve read quite a few of them. They’re entertaining! It’s interesting to think about where they get their ideas from.
f. I read them and write them. I enjoy all kinds. I’ve written myself into a few as a love interest, and I have a couple of favourite pairings from within the group itself.
g. There’s Python fanfiction?

7. Would you like their autographs?

a. That’d be great, I could sell it on E-Bay and bid for that lifesize limited edition Dalek I’ve had my eye on!
b. Nah, I’m not really that kind of fan.
c. I’ve got three of them in the autograph book my parents gave me for my 15th birthday. I also got Morcambe and Wise, Lulu, Keith Harris, Petula Clark, Tom Jones, Ringo Starr ...
d. Meh.
e. That’d be great, if I happened to be in a situation where I could get them. But I wouldn’t actively seek them out - after all, what’s a signature, really?
f. I’ve written fan letters to all of them and I’ve got a few back so far - just crossing my fingers for the others now!
g. I’ve already got the ones I care about.

8. If you’re a girl/gay man, do you fancy any/all of the Pythons?

a. Sir Galahad, squee!
b. Erm, I’m not a girl or a gay man. I didn’t even know women liked Python.
c. Come off it, they’re old men!
d. I guess a couple of them were sort of attractive - when they were young, that is.
e. Well, watching them certainly beats watching The Two Ronnies or Morcambe and Wise!
f. Omfg, yes! You’re not going to ask me to choose, are you?
g. Mostly when I watch them they’re a bit old for me to fancy them, or they’re not on screen at all.

9. What’s your favourite Python movie?

a. Holy Grail of course!
b. Life of Brian. It’s the perfect mix of humour and intellectual statement.
c. Either Life of Brian or Holy Grail - they both bring back great memories.
d. Meaning of Life, if I had to pick a favourite. It’s the most sketch-oriented.
e. I can’t choose. I love them all.
f. Holy Grail - no, Life of Brian! No, And Now For Something Completely Different! No, Holy Grail! No, Life of Brian, because Michael looks sooo awesome as the Ex-Leper, and that whole film is so funny.
g. I don’t really have a favourite.

10. Are you hanging out for the Pythons to reform?

a. Didn’t they reform for Spamalot?
b. I don’t really care. They’ve done so much great work already, there’s plenty to enjoy.
c. Why don’t they retire? Surely they can afford it.
d. It’s like the death of John Lennon stopping The Beatles. They wouldn’t be complete without Graham Chapman.
e. I hope they at least continue to work together as much as they have done. You can’t beat a Python combination.
f. YES!
g. I hope not, it’d distract my hero/es from what they’re achieving as individuals.

11. What does the word ‘BALLOON’ mean to you?

a. I assume you mean to do with Python? No idea!
b. Kids’ parties.
c. Oh, I remember, there were balloon-related things in Monty Python, weren't there?
d. There are balloons in the opening titles of Flying Circus. And isn’t there a Python episode called ‘The Golden Age of Ballooning’?
e. “Oh, Joseph! All you think about is balloons! All you talk about is balloons! Your beautiful house is full of bits and pieces of balloons! Your books are all about balloons! Every time you sing a song it is somehow obliquely connected with balloons! Everything you eat has to have the word ‘balloon’ incorporated in the title! Your dogs are all called Balloono! You tie balloons to your ankles in the evenings! Well, no, you don’t do that. But you do duck down and shout: ‘Hey! Balloons!’ when there are none about! Oh, your whole life is becoming obsessively balloonic you know! OH! Why do I have to hang from this bloody gas bag all day? Don’t I mean anything to you?’
f. OOH! Terry Jones - towel - need I say more?
g. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen / Michael Palin went up in one in Around The World In 80 Days / It was the only form of transport Mr Toad didn’t try / the hot air balloon chase in Rat Race / a combination of these


If you scored mostly As... you are a NERD. You’re not particularly a Python fan but some Python does cross over into your general nerdiness. Mostly Holy Grail. You’re probably playing the old DOS game on your emulator right now, aren’t you?

If you scored mostly Bs... you are a CRUISING FAN. You’re not totally Python-obsessed, but you like them.

If you scored mostly Cs... you are an OLD SCHOOL FAN. You remember Python from the first time around. It amuses you rather, to see all the youngsters getting into it, but the multiple ways of being a Python fan these days are bewildering. It’s nostalgic to see the movies again occasionally, or look back over a few old episodes of Flying Circus.

If you scored mostly Ds... you are an EARLY STAGES FAN. You’re just starting to get into Python and you may well become obsessed in time.

If you scored mostly Es... you are a DEVOTED FAN. You take advantage of all the different ways of enjoying Python, though the best thing for you is still Python itself. Isn’t it great what opportunities are opened up by the digital age?

If you scored mostly Fs... you are a FANGIRL. Most likely you’re quite young (though not necessarily!) You have a crush on at least one of the Pythons, probably Michael Palin or Eric Idle (though not necessarily!) You love to read and/or write fanfiction, draw and/or view fanart, make and/or view fan videos, and you love to discuss the Pythons (and appropriate images of them) on forums. For you, this fan-ness is almost or equally as much fun as Python itself.

If you scored mostly Gs... you are a BACKWARDS FAN. You discovered Python because you admire one or more of the members for their solo work. For example, you might watch Michael Palin’s travel shows, or be a fan of Terry Gilliam’s films. You might become more of a Python fan as you see more of it, but not necessarily.

If you scored an even mixture... you are UNIQUE. You don’t fit into any of my arbitrary pigeon-holes. Congratulations... YOU ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS!

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The Ex-Leper: DEVOTED FAN I can accept that happily :]

Cardinal Ximenez: According to this I'm mostly fangirl, but also unique.
I do LOVE Michael Palin and the Holy Grail, but not into fanfiction really. I also got atleast one of each letter, so yeah. I'd say I'm a devoted fan though because I have seen/heard all of the Python stuff and most of their individual work too, I just don't actually own any of it (I rent or watch it online)

Here Comes Another One at 12:49 am November 29

Sounds like you're unique then! Nice one!

arkennedy: On question 4 I love the option you gave for "d" :)

Based on this quiz I'm a Devoted fan.

the_thina: really nice work! I got "devoted fan" and that was no big news for me. ^^
but on the balloon-question I think I got a fangirl-result, because that was the first thing I thought of, that skit. but I promise, Ive never had a "thing" for jonesy, more than thinking he is great fun. :P

genji at 2:23 pm November 12

Apart from Meaning of Life being tied to 'D' it was the balloon question that threw me. I associate it most with the opening titles.

Here Comes Another One at 7:00 pm November 12

I'm wondering if that was a mistake, too. Any advice on how to frame a 'favourite movie' question without running into that problem? The balloons are easy, I'll just add the opening titles in.

genji at 12:44 am November 13

The quiz is fine as it is, I think, because the 'type' is spread over ten questions. Perhaps Life of Brian might be more of a newcomer's film than Meaning of Life but these days (e.g. someone getting to Python from a Mr. Gilliam angle and seeking out Crimson Permanent Assurance) that's a subjective and unreliable opinion. And Life of Brian equally applies to 'cruising fan', where you have it.

Here Comes Another One at 7:05 pm November 12

OK, I did it. I put opening titles in 'd,' not because noticing the titles makes you less of a fan, just because less people have seen series 4 so if you think of that big quote you're probably a devoted fan, whereas an early stages fan will have probably seen the titles!

the_thina at 2:54 pm November 12

yes, gilliams animations both before python and in the python-years had balloons in them, but for some reason that skit was the first thing that poped up in my mind. then I thought of the animations, then of münchausen

Here Comes Another One at 6:56 pm November 12

The opening titles didn't even occur to me actually. But that's because The Golden Age of Ballooning is one of my favourite Python episodes & Carol's rant is my favourite scene in it, that and the towel (for the same reason as you, Thina)

TheRealGilliamFan: I got more Es than anything else.

genji at 1:55 pm November 12

Are you gonna share them, then, or what?

Here Comes Another One: Thanks for the feedback! I'm an 'e' with slight 'f' leanings, myself :-)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: *giggles* As expected, I got the "FANGIRL" result with 7 F's. The rest were E's.

I really enjoyed that. Thank you for putting all the effort in to make this!

genji at 8:38 am November 12

7 Fs?! 7 Fs?!?!!11?!!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 11:18 am November 12

Yes, be afraid. Be very afraid...

genji at 11:20 am November 12

SEVEN F's?!!!?!?!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 11:23 am November 12

Right, stop that, it's silly! >:D

genji at 11:25 am November 12

Oh, you're no fun anymore.

Here Comes Another One at 8:30 pm November 13

Oh, I missed that exchange until just now! You guys do keep me entertained. :-D

genji: This might be a good thing to post on the IMPD facebook page if you fancy it.

J.Gambolputty: Really nice quiz, I got "Devoted Fan", so my answers were Es, and one f..

genji: That's a pretty good analysis IMO. I scored 4.3 Es. Next highest was 2 Ds. Fortunately zero Fs.

I honestly didn't think the answers were correlating as I was doing it but I'd agree with the end result.

Well done!

Here Comes Another One at 10:07 am November 12

Cheers genji - yeah, I don't mind it going on impd, tho' I don't know what that is! I assume the mp in it stands for Monty Python...

genji at 11:04 am November 12

IMPD. Post it in 'Discussions'. Let me know if you want to be an admin.