My review of Monty Python Live (Mostly)

Went and saw the cinema (re)broadcast of the final Monty Python show last night.

To me, the evening was bittersweet.

The show was lovely. Well put together. Beautiful sets and costumes. I love how everything blended together in true Pythonesque fashion. The guys were better than I expected. Truly, I thought I was going to see a bunch of old men making fools of themselves. On the contrary. Sure, they are old men, but they tried. Eric Idle and Terry Gilliam, I thought, were especially in top form. Still quite energetic for their age. Michael Palin as well. Now, John Cleese, I thought, was fine, but he sure sounded like there was an elephant sitting on his chest. I thought he was going to keel over during the Anne Elk sketch. And Terry Jones just seemed tired. Understandably so. I loved how they were able to laugh at themselves when they got sidetracked at some points (like during the Parrot Sketch or when Eric's mustache was falling off during Nudge Nudge). I admit, they've become such lovable old men. Hah hah.

So for all the laughs, how was it I left feeling empty and depressed??

All the glitter and comedic reverie seemed only to mask a void. An unfairness that Graham wasn't there. He wasn't there to shout "BURMA!". Wasn't there to sing "Christmas in Heaven". Or to cry he didn't like Spam. Or to dress all spiffy in a white tux and say his goodbyes along with the rest of them. It just didn't seem fair at all. So I don't know if anyone else in the (rather small) audience saw me crying during the "Christmas in Heaven" number right into "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life". I frankly don't care. I imagined him up there. Wondered what he would have been like at 73 years old.

So, Graham, I will drink a gin to you, my favorite Python. Too special for this world. Bit the dust too soon.

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Brian: I loved the show although it was a disappointment not to have Graham in person. When they first came on I thought, where's the sixth one? But then it hit me again because I think of him as he was, as a shouting colonel or frustrated Arthur.
Anyway, on the journey back, it was very odd. I saw somebody who had come from also watching the show who looked uncannily like the late, great man himself. He also looked around the right age to be him now. It must have been Dr Chapman with white hair looking like he did but older! (And more mellow, sitting quietly, I imagine Graham would be cavorting about or shouting rude body parts etc.)

Just a cool story I thought I'd share.....

cony: I think I understand you, grayskies. Monty Python was a unique thing, not really what they call "comedy"(although often very very funny).

They looked at an absurde and really oldfashioned conservative bad mad world. And they did it with all their hearts and created such lovely absurde stories.
Not to forget that they were non-rascists, non-homophobs and against the old moral and system of society in GB in those times.

I'm nearly as old as them (well, 10 years younger) and remember having seen them in early seventies in German TV. In those days it was a very free-minded way of thinking.
Then I lost out of sight them for some decades and since some years back to the Python world. People like them are missing nowadays so much!!!
Sorry for bad English, hard to express my feelings!

cony: For me the show was much better than expected.
The spirit of this unique troupe was there again.
It was not ridiculous to watch 5 old men trying to do the same thing as 45 years ago, it was sheer fun!
Of course wonderful Graham was missing.
I think it's depressing to know that this era is really over and there is now an end to Monty Python.
We have all their DVDs and CDs, but they left a huge void!

grayskies at 10:48 am July 30

It is depressing. I have to admit, I am not the biggest fan of comedy, at least outside of British comedy (I do enjoy Mr. Bean and Whose Line). You can say I am drawn to the dark side (I am a horror writer and grew up on horror movies). Monty Python has given me the only happiness I seem to be able to find these days. Nothing modern makes me laugh at all. Nothing else makes me smile like those guys do. I'm only half their age, but it makes me feel old to realize that that era is going away. I remember as a little kid growing up in the 80s (oh my, Graham was still alive...) watching Holy Grail countless times over my friend's house, never realizing then how precious those times would be. At least we can take our DVDs (and a few VHS) and go back in time whenever we want...

But I'm rambling...sorry... :)

crunchyfrog0001: I was really happy to seem them together again and performing. I thought they tastefully (?! could that be?!) included Ghraham Chapman, and even referenced him during the Dead Parrot sketch. I hope it's really not their final show.

grayskies at 12:38 pm July 25

The Parrot/Cheese Shop sketch was a riot. I wondered how many people in the audience got the "Dr. Chapman" reference. The theater had such a tiny audience (I counted maybe 15), I don't think there was any advertising at all in my area for the show.