My second Python Autograph!!

I'm getting married!

PS: thewastelandr I share it with you, don´t worry.

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The Ex-Leper: sweeeeetttt!!!!!

chrislann01: hi everyone! i'm a newbie to commenting but been on the site loads checking the news and fab photos!! would love the chance to write to Terry, could i get the address?

Paute: I have this addres from John:
John Cleese,
c/o David Wilkinson Associates,
115, Hazlebury Road,

But never answered me. I have patience... i don´t mind wait.

mrsCutout at 2:06 pm July 15

Wow I just saw that getting married bit!Wow congratulations and the best of luck with it!! :)

Colonel Daughter at 1:44 pm July 15

You could try sending him a message in twitter -- I hate twitter, actually, but sometimes he answers to one or two persons on his page... I admit that's one or two person in SIX months ^^*

mrsCutout at 1:58 pm July 15

Hmm that's good! And how long was it since you sent? Thanks for sharing the address btw!

Kasmira: From Terry Jones's bum!!! Hahahaha... Lovely!

Kasmira: From Terry Jones's bum!!! Hahahaha... Lovely!

thewastelandr: HEHEHE!!!!!!!! Bigamy! We can share Terry!!!

Paute at 10:26 am July 12

Shhhhh!!! Don´t say nothing!

thewastelandr at 6:50 am August 03

I won't tell!

Colonel Daughter: congrats for your wedding!!!!!!! \O/

Paute at 10:25 am July 12

Thank you!! Everyone is invited!!

MontyPython93: Congrats!! :D

Paute at 10:26 am July 12

Thank you!

Johnnyrose: Fantastic, Paute! That's super!!!

Paute at 10:29 am July 12

Thanks! I´m so happy!

Alainainthesky: Wow, much congrats on the autographs and getting married! I love that he signed from his bum, hahaha.

Can I ask: what was the address you used?

Paute at 10:28 am July 12

I use the Python´s address. If you wanna, I give you the address.

Alainainthesky at 1:27 pm July 12

If you don't mind (: I see so many addresses, I never know which ones still work.

Lady and Laird Candermine: SUPER LOVELY!!!! CONGRATES PAUTE!!!!! CONGRATES... and best of luck!!! : )

Paute at 10:29 am July 12


Paute: Yes, that´s was my post on Twitter. I´m so happy, i have a painted smile.
And the bottom saying Hi, to much!

Thank you!!!!

Holly: Getting married! that makes this post even better! congratulations!

mrsCutout: WOWOW! oh you lucky bastard! hahaa brilliant autographs (so lucky that terrys' bum is saying hi!)he is incredible.I am so happy for you! :D

the_thina: haha. not every day you get a personal message from a python-bum! XD good to know the man is still insaine after all these years.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: "Hi Paula, from Terry Jones's Bum"
The best comment I've heard in a while.
My, my I'm so jealous haha :D