Name That Tune Game

And now it's time to play Name That Tune! I will select a Monty Python song. I type one line of the song. From there you must continue with the song, typing two words every turn. You may only have one turn a day. When the song is finished, the person who writes the last word gets to start the next Python song, typing in a little piece of the song from any section of the song.

Lets begin!

Heres a line from a Python song.

"When your feelin in the dumps..."

Now type the next two words!

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J.Gambolputty: Each beastly little squid

Here Comes Another One: Each nasty little hornet

Sgt. Looney: The Lord God made them all

J.Gambolputty: All things foul and dangerous

Here Comes Another One: All evil great and small,

J.Gambolputty: all things sick and cancerous,

Here Comes Another One: He made their horrid wings...

katithepythonfan: Ok, here's a new one:
"He made their brutish venom..."

J.Gambolputty: well, ce soir, for a change, it will be made clear, for this is the meaning of life

the_thina: and just what what what do we fear?

Sgt. Looney: So just why, why are we here?

katithepythonfan: of self-replicating DNAynaynaynay....

Here Comes Another One: While the scientists say we are simply spiralling coils

J.Gambolputty: Sittin' around with rien, nothing to say

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: For millions, this 'life' is a sad vale of tears,

Sgt. Looney: Well, tonight, here’s The Meaning of Life.

Lvndr HppE: Is man evolving, or is it too late?

Holly: Do we reincarnate?

CamelSpotter: Is there heaven and hell?

Stig: In this life, what is our fate?

WolfSpirit: of self replicating DNA na na na na na na NA NA NA NA NA NA...

Stig: simply spiralling coils

Holly: Or are we just

Stig: to say!

sit-on-my-face: While we're looking for something...

Stig: new rule, you can play more than once in a day just make sure you dont have 2 goes in a row

WolfSpirit: where we make up the rules...

Stig: Is life just a game

the_thina: well ca cést the meaning of life

Holly: God's little jokes

MontyPython93: Or perhaps, we're just one of

Stig: This page hasnt been used for a while so lets start fresh with a new song......"Is is the chicken and the egg time, are we just yolks?"

Hanri: For life

Stig: do do do do do do do do

thewastelandr: of life.

OK time for a new song! "Beethoven's gone..."

The Ex-Leper: light side (sorry i got excited haha)

The Ex-Leper: bright side

Hanri: on the

Stig: always look

sit-on-my-face: fu fu, fu fu fu fu fu fu.

The Ex-Leper: OF LIFE!!!!

thewastelandr: BRIGHT SIDE

Holly: bright side

WolfSpirit: on the

jupiterblue: Always look

sit-on-my-face: AAAAAAND...

MontyPython93: thing!

Kasmira: that's the

thewastelandr: and whistle

pythonnewbie: your lips