Name That Tune Game

And now it's time to play Name That Tune! I will select a Monty Python song. I type one line of the song. From there you must continue with the song, typing two words every turn. You may only have one turn a day. When the song is finished, the person who writes the last word gets to start the next Python song, typing in a little piece of the song from any section of the song.

Lets begin!

Heres a line from a Python song.

"When your feelin in the dumps..."

Now type the next two words!

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CamelSpotter: Just purse

Hanri: silly chumps

Hanri: "Don't be..."

Hanri at 11:49 pm January 07

Ah SORRY Kasmira, didn't read the thing far enough...... I'll come in again.

Kasmira: Don't be