neil-channel on the up and comming on youtube

a close male friend started a neil-page on youtube, he is seriously a "fan-girl" of neil, if you get my drift. the bruces would not like him. ;)
anyway, he asked me to do the graphics to it, and I said that I have a butt-load of vids as well, so right now we are uploadieng from 2 computors everything we got and we will probobly do some ripping from dvds later on as well.
so far every clip is uploaded as "private" so no one can see them, but we plan to make EVERYTHING public later this week or next week.
the adress:

if you have any requests on what you want to see just spit it out!

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the_thina: now we are really closing up on the 100th video when the channel will become public, and thinking we should do something really special to mark the aucation. but we dont know what.
anyone have any ideas?

mrsCutout: I saw the first video! SO great!Hey on his hat he has a pin from Nightmare before christmas right?

the_thina at 1:42 am August 11

haha, I thought so firt too, but its his ego-warrior pin

mrsCutout at 6:05 am August 11

Oh...strange it looked so much alike hahaa!

mo at 3:35 pm August 10

I saw that too,mrsCutout.Great stuff.

mrsCutout at 6:05 am August 11

Yes! Love this film!

the_thina at 1:44 am August 11

it was supposed to be privat, but guess its a teaser-trailer now. ;)
we are up in 75 vids now, so soon...

mo at 3:29 am August 11

You do know how to tease,dont you? 75 vids? Thats good going.:)

mrsCutout at 6:05 am August 11

OOOH! Thats great!

mo: Dont forget Equestrian Statue.Love it.

mrsCutout at 6:06 am August 11


mrsCutout: Hahaha that's an amazing collage!love that Mona Liza pic! Probably you already had this in mind but do include the video where Neil is dressed as a diva and he sings....

the_thina at 3:23 am August 10

oh yes, lámour perdu is the one you mean right? that is allready uploaded, as well is catmeat conga where he is a strange pepper-pot. ^^

the_thina at 3:23 am August 10

so far we have about 30-40 songs uploaded. we plan to make it public when we hit 100

mrsCutout at 3:27 pm August 10

HAhaha that's great!And yes that's the song I meant!

mo at 3:26 am August 10

Ive subscribed already.Just had to.:)

mrsCutout at 3:27 pm August 10

Yep I subscribed too!It's so exciting!

the_thina at 3:31 am August 10

good for you! :) we are working hard at it at the moment, so you wont regret it. we even have dug up a few tv-ads he has made in the past. and will probobly seak up shorter interviews as well.

mo at 3:36 am August 10

Looking forward to it.Great stuff.:)

the_thina at 4:04 am August 10

I promise, you will enjoy it. we are searching every dark and scary corner of the internet. :)

mo at 6:26 am August 10

I believe you.:) Im looking forward to it.Thankyou.

the_thina at 6:46 am August 10

dont thank me, it was not my idea. :) but I have created a music-video to a song without a video Im rather proud of. ^^
but now comes the question; shall we do slide-shows to songs that have no moving images or not?
there are only so much moving pictures of for example the bonzos that one can use....

mo at 1:12 pm August 10

Go for it.Anything.:)