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I can't remember if I've ever posted this before or not but here is an animated gif I made awhile back

the_thina at 1:16 pm July 01

cant remember ever seeing it before. wonder if he has stolen that shirt from gilly? haha. wonderfull! me and my best friend had a talk about how wonderull it is with pepole who dress a bit strange (brought about by a swedish musician who has a yellow suit, a few sized to big for him, with mooses printed on it) and both gillys and neila names came up. XD

arkennedy at 1:22 pm July 01

Perhaps Gilliam should check his closet and make sure no shirts are missing :)

the_thina at 1:30 pm July 01

haha, yeah maybe he should. ^^ but the more funny shirts the better, and neil was always this coulorblind fashionguru, even if he has calmed down a bit since he has grown older, but he still knows his shit when he wants too! :)

arkennedy at 1:05 pm July 01

and here is another animated gif I made

sit-on-my-face: Lauging too much right now.

the_thina at 11:36 am June 23

haha yeah that is a great one. and thinking of how many times you (that is, me and my friends) have been drunken-howling "give peace a chanse" and probobly sound a bit like this... haha


the cover of a record that hopfully soon will be mine. never seen this pic before

the_thina at 11:38 am June 23

yay! the action (our version of e-bay) just ended and the record is officially MINE now! the first "real" bonzo-record in my collection, the rest is just mp3s...
its impossible to find their records in this countrey so now Im happy! :D

the_thina at 9:48 am June 22

hmmm, the picture does not show... I try again, but it will probobly show when I post this and it will be times 2... but well well

sit-on-my-face at 9:31 am June 23

I like the head in Viv's hand, he's like the "monster-butcher"

the_thina at 10:39 am June 23

haha, its caught on film as well you know.

Lvndr HppE at 5:47 pm June 22

So nice, its posted twice. That seems to be a problem here. I know I've had it from time to time.

the_thina at 5:51 pm June 22

yeah, it has happened a few times to me too. I can reload the page a million times, but the pic dont show up until I have made a comment on that post. very strange. but still, its a good pic with a great outfit (can neil be colour-blind? sometimes I really wonder, but he still makes it work) so it can be watched 2 times. :)

Lvndr HppE at 9:10 am June 23

Psh. I just take it as Neil being Neil.

the_thina at 10:38 am June 23

haha, yeah. but who looked good in the 60s on the other hand. haha. I love 60s-clothes because they are so terrible. something is wrong with my taste I think. haha


god, how daft can you get?! Im having a musical-phase now and it hit me who my fav neil-character looks like!
thr MC from cabaret! I cant get over that I didnt see it at once, since the MC is my favourite character in cabaret, but better late than never I suppose. did a serch on neil innes + cabaret to see what I found, and the characters NAME is nick cabaret! DOH!
stupid me!

thewastelandr at 6:39 am June 11

WOW you are so right - they could be twins! That is so funny!

the_thina at 6:43 am June 11

yeah I know! I had been wondering who it was he looked so much like. and then BAM it hit me. but still a bit ashamed that it took almost a year for me to figure that out. but well well. once again neil prooves that he is a man of great taste! :)


just found a new fav neil-clip I think. much strange things going on with his outfit and a lovesong to one of them inflatable sex-dolls. haha
and had to make a cap of that sweet smile when he supriced the man in the chair

Hanri at 6:37 am June 06

Yeah every time I hear Tim Minchin's "Inflatable You", it makes me think he's totally ripped off the concept from Neil. Otherwise funny songs though. :) If you haven't heard of that lovely aussie, here's the clip to the song. Gotta love the grand piano.

the_thina at 6:56 am June 06

haha, well, it takes a brain like neils to write a sentimental lovesong to a sex-doll, dont it? :P
no, dont think Ive heard it. his name dont ring a bell, the title does, but DUH we all know why, dont we? :P
will take a look


this one can be posted in many different picture-threads for different boys in here, but I choose this one, its the one that I have open and it was on his site I found it. :)

Lvndr HppE at 8:10 am June 11

Where is this from?

the_thina at 8:17 am June 11

publicity for secret policemans ball

the_thina at 8:19 am June 11

but I think its a private photo because neil and the sideburn-guy is the only ones looking in the camera

sit-on-my-face: Thank you for all of those! He's so wonderfully mad. Wish there were more people like that. I don't know if it's possible for our (shitty) generation... I think we're presently living a social crisis, like in the 30's or the 80's. Nobody's interesting. How sad.

thewastelandr at 3:51 pm June 04

I'm so glad you enjoyed what's on here! It's definitely a good thread! I'm so happy with all the photos we all have found and posted... he's so wonderful and so underappreciated. No one ever knows who I mean when I talk about Neil Innes... some have heard of the Bonzo Dog Band but really not many. He deserves lots of praise and publicity! Thanks for commenting, Sit on my face!

sit-on-my-face at 4:16 pm June 04

I once tried and show my class "How sweet" And they were all rather confused and thought I was demented (not the first time it happenned really... Just did an "anti-drug" poster with a bunch of pictures of Zappa in possibly "suggestive" postures saying "If Zappa could do that SOBER, why wouldn't you give it a try?"... That stuck-up teacher just gave it a glance and said "ewww! Who's THAT!?". I felt much pity for humanity). Imagine what it would have been if I chose "catmeat conga"?!! That must be funny, I'll do that one day.
Great man that is.

the_thina at 10:40 pm June 04

hang on here a minute now.... Im used to no one knowing who neil is until I start singing "brave sir robin" to them, and even then most dont understand whats so special about him... but a grown up dont knowing who frank zappa was?? O_o

but one thinf is good though. I never had to explain who neil was to my best friend. she is 18 years older than me,if she were the same age as me she may not have known, but now SHE DID. :)

sit-on-my-face at 4:18 pm June 06

I KNOOOOW (with Sybil's voice). She's just a really stupid and neurotic bitch completed with ZERO culture whatsoever. And she's dresses like a pepperpot and I can glady say she's an unhappy middle-aged lady. Or thing.
And Neil is absolutely not know up here. Python isn't, so imagine something as great as the Bonzos... Bloody lady gaga and all the rest of the crap. It's silly to spit on my generation, but I don't know what else shall I do.

sit-on-my-face at 12:51 pm June 07

Have you ever been in a highschool lately? Sheep sheep sheep BÊÊÊÊ. I feel like it's a box and they put me in the wrong one and now I'm fighting to dig or nibble a hole through it before I'm eaten by stupidity.
There is no sin except stupidity.
And we live in a world of sinners.

the_thina at 12:56 pm June 07

no, I havent been to any school for a long time now... Im 28 you know... but it was BAD in the late 90s/early 00s so I can imagine how it is now. O_o

the_thina at 11:31 pm June 06

yeah, but I know how you feel. I often get the feeling that most pepole in our sort of age are brainwashed sheep. not ALL of course, but most. and its a very depressing thought

sit-on-my-face at 4:16 pm June 04

And yeeeep, fantastic thread!

thewastelandr at 9:48 am June 06


the_thina at 8:28 am June 04

oh there are still faboulosly crazy pepole like our darling neil/pythons around, just that they are not allowed much spotlight. over here we have this wonderful poet that does spoken word with a mad orchestra behind him for example. he is kinda in the same generation as me, just about 10 or so years older. very witty, intense, charming, clever and loads of other possitive adjectives, but almost no one knows about him. its such a pitty, but we gotta be thankfull for knowing about pepole like that.

sit-on-my-face at 8:46 am June 04

I guess we must stay optimistic for the few people that are still giving the world something. That's my goal in life, no 9 to 5 in a cubicle. Helping the human kind. Ha ha! It's a bit huge to say though.

the_thina at 8:53 am June 04

yeah, and that man changed my life forever the first time I stumbeld in on a show he had. you can see for yourself:
and belive it or not, he is very shy in person (Ive met him 4 times)
yeah, it would be nice to be able to give something to the world, for real. but I start on a small scale, trying to do random acts of kindness.

sit-on-my-face at 11:20 am June 04

Even if I don't get a word, it's very intense, I understand you. thanks for sharing.

the_thina at 10:41 pm June 04

yeah, with some pepole you dont have to understand the language to get how incredible they are.:)


never closed down that site after you asked me for new ones and figured I would look around a bit more in different places there and found this.
how he can stand in those shoes is a mystery to me

the_thina at 11:29 pm June 03


the_thina at 11:31 pm June 03

look at those lips. and eric being silly in the background


for you laura. NIPPLE-ATTACK! ^^

thewastelandr at 9:07 pm June 03

Oooh! LOL! Who is that other guy?

the_thina at 9:10 pm June 03

it says on the site his name is Freek De Jonge. no idea who he is

the_thina at 8:48 pm June 03

neil as a little little little boy. with his parents and brother

thewastelandr at 9:07 pm June 03


the_thina at 9:12 pm June 03

I know. look how very serious neil looks! haha. so cute