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the_thina at 8:49 pm June 03

just because I love kilts. and he is apparently 50% scottish. yay!

the_thina at 8:50 pm June 03


the_thina at 8:50 pm June 03


the_thina at 8:51 pm June 03


thewastelandr at 9:08 pm June 03

VERY classy!! Love it!

the_thina at 9:13 pm June 03

yeah he looks very... like the perfect gentleman, and very brittish (the hat makes me think brittish I think haha)

the_thina at 8:53 pm June 03

dont know who is the cutest in this one. little kitty cat and little neil. aaaw

Neilinus at 8:38 pm December 19

Neil told me that cat's name was Doreen. She passed on quite a while back...

Neilinus at 8:42 pm December 19

Oh, yeah, she was named after Dorian Gray because she was gray. Actually she looks orange, black, and white to me.

the_thina at 8:52 pm June 03

dont know who is the cutest in this one. little kitty cat and little neil. aaaw

the_thina at 8:54 pm June 03

woops, that last one posted twice...
here is one in that series we all have seen before that I for one had NOT seen before

the_thina at 9:02 pm June 03

small and blurry, but oh my he look pretty dont he?


new stuff on if you guys didn know....
here: he was shaving his had before he went bald for real. (here he was 19-20 years old if I understood corectly) hahaha. THAT is humor! would be even more humor if he had have a comb-over. *giggle*

Neilinus at 8:57 pm December 19

I don't think Neil ever shaved his head. He went bald very, very young. This is the real thing.

the_thina at 11:29 pm June 01

were did the picture go? I try again with a different one...

the_thina at 11:31 pm June 01

sorry laura, know you dont like that outfit, but this picture made me laugh so hard I had to... that outfit + the bored face and tired posé.... just kills me

thewastelandr at 7:46 am June 03

Hehehe yeah he does look extremely bored!

the_thina at 7:52 am June 03

haha yeah. it got me so hard when I found it that the water I had in my mouth came out through my nose. haha. I should have learned by now that seeing something new with anyone of our boys while you have anything in your mouth is NOT a good idea, then it so often comes flying out again

thewastelandr at 8:43 pm June 03

Hahaha!!! That is so funny! My brother always tries to get me to do that too... so mean! LOL! More new photos please!

the_thina at 8:44 pm June 03

ok... you asked for it! back in a bit, saw one in there I think you will like

the_thina at 11:32 pm June 01


the_thina at 11:32 pm June 01


thewastelandr at 7:46 am June 03

I love this one!!!

the_thina at 7:47 am June 03

I knew you would. :)

the_thina at 11:34 pm June 01

small one, but I so LOVE that character! so charming and god damn yummy. *drool*

the_thina at 11:38 pm June 01

und für das groze finale: with yvonne. naaaaaaw

thewastelandr at 8:45 pm June 03

She looks so pretty! And they are holding hands!!!!!!!!! Love this.

the_thina at 9:39 pm June 03

yeah the hand-holding is very cute. and knowing they are still together all this time later... it gives me hope, and I am VERY cynical when it comes to relationships...


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Lvndr HppE at 8:42 pm June 01

Doing a Ray Charles impression, are we? Mmm?

the_thina at 11:24 pm June 01

hahaha. well, one wonders...


crazy (but pretty) eyes. haha. woke up with this song in my brain, been listening to it over and over so had to make a cap of that mad look

Lvndr HppE:

So many pictures of Neil, so little time!

Lvndr HppE:

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Lvndr HppE:

I think this one is my favorite. Gotta love a man with a guitar.

Hanri at 11:02 pm May 24

I've suffered for my music, and now it's your turn. LOL

Lvndr HppE at 8:46 am May 25

He actually had someone introduce him with "He's suffered for his music, and now it's your turn" at his concert.

the_thina at 11:14 am May 25

haha. its impossible to not love a man who can make fun of himself and everybody else in that way. :)

Lvndr HppE:

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the_thina at 7:29 pm May 24

ooooh,I love harpo! and neil as harpo = double love!

Lvndr HppE at 7:34 pm May 24

Harpo's cool, but I think Groucho is cooler. He had all the best lines. "You know you haven't stopped talking since I got here? You must have been injected with a phonograph needle."

the_thina at 7:41 pm May 24

yeah, groucho was witty, but harpo just gives me insaine maternal feelings. he is SOOO cute I just want to adopt him! never mind he was dead for about 20-30 yeras when I was born, I still want to adopt him!

Lvndr HppE at 7:47 pm May 24

lol. Yeah, he was definately one of a kind. Well, they all were. Even the Italian guy whose name escapes me at the moment. There will never be another Marx Brothers.

thewastelandr at 8:55 pm May 24

"Italian" but they were all brothers!

the_thina at 9:00 pm May 24

haha, yeah, but its pretty obvious that is a fake italian accent. :P

thewastelandr at 9:02 pm May 24

Which is why I had it in quotes, lol.

the_thina at 9:05 pm May 24

haha yeah. but I have heard somwhere I recall that they were german jews, living in america. dont know if its true, but thats what I remember...

thewastelandr at 9:07 pm May 24

Yes, they were Jews in New York I believe.

the_thina at 9:11 pm May 24

well then, my memory is good, just a bit short. haha. was the german bit right, do you know?

thewastelandr at 9:14 pm May 24

One parent was German and one was French I think...