Neil Innes in concert in London

It was a fun evening seeing Neil in concert. He did Brave Sir Robin and other Python stuff. The photos I took can be seen here: which also gives the link to my blog write up. Enjoy!

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Lady April: Cool but why is this posted under Assholes Anonymous? Probably by accident as I am sure Neil is not an asshole...

the_thina at 11:49 am June 24

haha, assholes anonymous? were?
and no, Im sure he isent either.

Lady April at 11:55 am June 24

AA or Assholes Anonymous is a group on P-line I created. You can find the link to it at the bottom of my page and join if you want. It is a bitching blog to bitch about assholes and the asshole within yourself because we all have one!!!!
Somehow This Neil thread got posted in there and I can't get it out...

the_thina at 12:35 pm June 24

oooh I see. sounds like a good idea, there are many assholes in the world, and gotta get the frustrations out somehow.

Lady April at 1:18 pm June 24

YUP! Absolutely!!!!! What better than Python to dish to and feel better lol

the_thina at 1:37 pm June 24

yep. after all, the men we are here to celebrate has done nothing but making fun of everyone else, and themselfs for the past 40 years. :)

Kasmira: Wow... Lucky you, I must say. I assume that I won't ever see mr Innes live.. He never comes to Finland. :( And that fan picture with him is very nice <3

(Hello fellows, I'm back... o/ And still alive... I think!)

mrsCutout: awwww wow How i wish I was there!!!! You are so lucky there....tell him to come here for a change so we can see him too!

thewastelandr: Jealous.