New Application Over On FB

Allright, you respectable Python Army members! New orders from the PA HeadQuarters!

Those of you, who have FaceBook accounts, and just LOOOOVE to play around with various applications (Tickle-My-Puppy, Hanri-Has-Kidnap'd-You-To-Orlando, YoVile, Michael-Palin-Love that sort of stuff) NOW IT'S TIME FOR ACTION!

The Python Army chimpanzees have compiled a gift application for you to spread around, so go and type " GIFTS" on the search field, and start sharing! And not only to our beloved Python Army members, but think of if as spreading the word and bringing new people to join us loonies!

Carry on!


Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army HeadQuarters

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Johnnyrose: Done, Sir... Mis...arh...Sarge!

the_thina: I have already been doing that for a long time now. :)

TheSister91: :) I've noticed that nobody commented... maybe bacause we all passed to the action immediately!! LOL