New Here

Hello... I just feel I should introduce myself for no good reason... as well as include a picture for no good reason... other then Eric is adorable and my favorite Python ever.
Followed closely by Mike.
Only really got into Python a little while ago when IFC had the Almost the Truth things in celebration for the 40th anniversary though I've known and liked Monty Python since at least 10 yrs old... though I believe earlier.
At this point I'm pretty much addicted lol

A random note... I've been wanting to send one or more of them fanmail.... just because. But don't know of any working fanmail addresses. *shrugs*

Anyway... there was my hello!


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Hi WolfSpirit and all the other lovely Python looneys here! I'm a newbie here too. I want to right a hand say that I haven't got a fave Python. I have argued with myself but I needed to shut up and pay another 5 pounds... ;)
I discovered Monty Python some years ago. My ex-boyfriend was telling they're awesome so I had to go to the library and I found some vhs's there. But in this very year I addicted and I think there's no way out. ;)
I'm from Finland and I'm very touched by the song called "Finland, Finland" haha. I haven't written to guys yet and I'm very sure it will take time because as you maybe can see I'm not very good in English. But I made a promise of this year to write at least one of them. :)
I don't know what else I would tell about myself but if you are nice and absolutely addicted to MP we may become good friends.
Say no more, nudge nudge! love, Kasmira

Kasmira at 12:28 pm January 02

and btw, addiction started last year... i'm sorry for that information fail. never write anything when you're too tired. but at least i think other things came clear. ok? :)

WolfSpirit at 12:57 pm January 02

Haha when you write when youre tired information gets misplaced...

When I write when I'm tired very disturbing things happen lol

So it's ok lol

MontyPython93: Welcome :D Glad to see some new faces (or what I should call it...blood?) here!

the_thina: hello and welcome! :D
I sent a fan-mail to eric like 5 months ago, but no reply yet so Im guessing I had the wrong adress or that his just ti buissy.
and this week I have acctually sent mail to both michael and terry g.
I have heard that mike answers everything and does it pretty quick too, so Im keeping my fingers crossed.

WolfSpirit at 10:45 am December 12

Yea... I remember that the eric idle site warned that Eric has been known to take anywhere from a few weeks to a year lol. Oh... Best luck with the other two. Annoying thing is since Mike is in Europe the shipping for only a time letter is still a lot (to me at least lol) Hence me DEFIANTLY not including stamped addressed envelope. But some famous people are annal about that so I dunno lol

the_thina at 11:00 am December 12

hehe, Im a swede, so sending mail to him was not an expencive story for me.
I said something like "and now when the private documents that are your diaries is out in the open, maybe you should be able to send me one with yourautograph in it?" even if he IS the nice one Im not sure he will do that, but can never hurt to ask. I did promise to buy him a cup of tea if he ever comes to sweden though. ^^

WolfSpirit at 11:10 am December 12

lol Yea... like... all of what I say would be Python related but thats ok lol. I'd probably saw something like what I wrote to Eric like "You know I really need an autograph of a Python in my collection... wink wink nudge nudge" lol Was... Mike is the nice one... I REALLY wish the cameras were rolling when he had that imfomas temper tantrum as the mud eater for Holy Grail lol

the_thina at 4:48 am December 17

haha yeah. did you know that gray and john just broke into spontanious aplause when mike had his mud eater-fit? they where so impressed by him loosing it. haha.

Holly: I don't know if this address will work, but I cut & pasted it from an old post I read:

Michael Palin c/o
Prominent Palin Production
34 Tavistock Street
London UK

kisch at 10:27 am December 12

This will absolutely work. It's the address of Michael's office.

Holly at 7:10 pm December 12

oooh, I'm excited, it'll probably take me a month to figure out what exactly I'd like to say

WolfSpirit at 10:30 am December 12

OOOhhh... if that's the case *starts scribbling fan mail quickly... but hardly can be called the english language it's so sloppy and what is readable is totally WTF like... such as 'chickens in my pants' and things... though it all makes sense to me* There! perfect! *sends it* (lol no... it takes me like a week to think of things to say in fanmail on the off chance the intended actually reads it I don't wanna sound like every other flailing fan lol.... so thanks to that I've only ever sent 2 fanmail.... Eric Millegan and Eric Idle lol)

The Ex-Leper at 11:23 am December 12

Oh I want to write a letter to Michael I have been concocting one in my brain of brains for a few weeks now but I am not having much success because iwant to write a limerick about him but I can't find much that rhymes with his name

WolfSpirit at 11:29 am December 12

With Mike? Michael? Or Palin... I'm sure I can think of stuff... if you can't then make things up... thats the Python way after all lol

The Ex-Leper at 11:47 am December 12

well I kind of just thought of something silly but I can't think of a finishing line here is what I have:
There once was a man named Michael
who wanted a red unicycle
but instead he received
a dead parrot named Steve...
and I don't know what should go here...Help!

WolfSpirit at 11:51 am December 12

I think you should just leave that line lol. Finishing lines for things like that are like punchlines anyway lol. So I think you should send it like that lol

The Ex-Leper at 11:57 am December 12

you know I thought the same thing as soon as I read it back after posting it! I think I will send it like that! XD

The Ex-Leper at 12:01 pm December 12

what about this:

There once was a man named Michael
who wanted a red unicycle
but instead he recieved
a dead parrot named Steve
(terribly sorry, Michael, but an account of your name having a very small rhyme pool, I could not think of a finishing line)

WolfSpirit at 1:18 pm December 12

lol that works to lol. Either way I think it's hilarious. If you're lucky he might send you a suggestion lol. (insert wishful thinking) But you should totally send that lol I would.

The Ex-Leper at 2:09 pm December 12

thanks! I think I will! X )

WolfSpirit at 2:20 pm December 12

If you get a reply you will definatly have to put if he said anything about that lol And now I have to try to think what I should possibly say to him myself.... probably Python related things... but HOPEFULLY in a context not often seen lol. *ponders* lol.
I'm thinking if I should start the letter off as "dear Eric Idle" lol simply because of the fact that they are always mixed up.
Naww I won't do that... but it would be funny though lol

The Ex-Leper at 2:26 pm December 12

haha I think it would be funny...yes I really don't want my letter to sound cliche either because I am sure he gets tired of reading the same old "Oh I love your work" "Im a huge fan" "I love you" stuff (although it is all true!) but I also thought about signing my name on the letter as "Smoketoomuch, Mr. Smoketoomuch" and then apologizing about it with the excuse that I just couldn't help myself and that it was an impulse and then signing my real name

WolfSpirit at 2:42 pm December 12

Yea... I tried not to do that in my Eric Idle mail. But I still didn't even MENTION his post or pre or anything other then Python work lol. Though i wonder how many naughty letters they recieve... not that i sent one but I wonder how many they do get lol. LOL I like that one. Of course I could never do that (with the signing Mr. Smoketoomuch) because I'd have a REAL impulse to write the whole bloody sketch lol. (I've done it before... I say some small thing from some sketch and recite/write the whole thing lol)

The Ex-Leper at 5:12 pm December 12

that is a daily problem for me haha reciting full sketches but anyhow i thought of the smoketoomuch thing because i was writing the letter in my head and I was going to say hello my name is (my real name) but the word Smoketoomuch, Mr. Smoketoomuch just popped into my head and I thought this is a good idea maybe

WolfSpirit at 10:47 am December 14

lol reciting full sketches is fun though... gets me through the day when I'm at work lol I can't even read "Smoketoomuch, Mr. Smoketoomuch" without hearing it my head exactly how he says it lol
I think it's hilarious.
OOHHH I should write to Mike is VEEERRYY rough handwriting (like you know... with my left hand grab a pen or pencil or crayon and press down really hard and all that) and sign it K. D. Gumby lol or something... then have the real letter after that lol *shrugs* I dunno.. that amuses me as well

The Ex-Leper at 2:22 pm December 14

OHHH! thats pretty smart! i'm sure he would get a kick out of that and it's not really ordinary or cliche fanmail! you should totally do that!!!!

WolfSpirit at 2:31 pm December 14

OK!!! I'm totally going to do that now! (I have no shame lol Seriously... at work..I work at McDonalds... there's a stamp. It says 'McVoid' for used coupons and things. Well. At work the other day i was leaving and talking to my manager. I was like "I really wanna stamp something with this" she was like "stamp yourself" so I stamped my arm then was like "Oh! Stamp my forhead with it! I need to go to the store" So she did... and I went to the store with 'McVoid' on my forehead lol.
Then last night... there wasa mouse in the back porch under a bunch of papers and clothes and I was yelling at it like "I know y our in there! Ya can't hide forever!" and I realize now it was VERY similar to John yelling at all the 'hiding people' at the end of the fresh fruit sketch)
*ahem* Anyway (Who said that)

I think i will do that now. I need to think of a REAL thing to say to him... but I'm still going to be a gumby for a while lol

The Ex-Leper at 2:40 pm December 14

Ohhh that's so funny! I would certainly like a McVoid stamp to stamp on other people that I don't care for...or even better...what I would really like is a "FAIL" stamp and a "WIN" stamp because those apply to everyday life....
"Now the rest of you! I know you're there! Lurking under the floorboards with your damsons and your prunes! Hiding behind the wall bars with your quinces!" AHHH that is my favorite sketch of all time!!!! Anyhow I love the Gumby thing...good luck with your letter!!

WolfSpirit at 1:47 pm December 16

LOL A fail spamp and a win stamp. LOL Your whole house and everyone in it would be stamped with fail and win lol.
But yea... I didn't realize I was pulling a John-Cleese-Insanity until after i finished yelling lol. Seriously to anyone watching it would have been like I was yelling at the pile of papers lol.
Now... what would a Gumby say to Mr. Palin? Hmmm lol

mrsCutout: Well well!Welcome to Pythonline dear Wolf!I bet you'll love it here!(we all do)!:D

The Ex-Leper at 10:18 am December 12


Tanya_Birklid19: Allo Allo, Wolf! I think you'll fit in perfectly, being that we're all looneys. haha. Have fun!

arkennedy: Hello WolfSpirit, welcome to Pythonline :)

By the way since Eric is your favorite python, you should take a look at Lady April's thread:

about Eric. I think you'll really enjoy it, it had lots of great pics :)

WolfSpirit at 10:09 am December 12

*flails and dies* Um... I mean... *ahem* Thank you!

arkennedy at 10:14 am December 12

You're welcome :)

Lady April at 12:34 pm December 11

Ooooh total plug! Thanks Arky!!!!

arkennedy at 12:37 pm December 11

You're welcome :)

ximrealynotokayx: hello wolf :) welcome to pythonline :) i hope that ur enjoying it so far :) heres erics mailing thing theres 3 of them and i dont know which one is correct i havent tryed mailing him yet, i got the addresses of so theyre prob correct, anyway here they are:

Eric Idle
9100 Wilshire Blvd. #400
Beverly Hills, CA. 90212

Eric Idle
C/O ICM Agency
Oxford House
76 Oxford Street
London W1N 0AX England
United Kingdom

C/O BBC Television Centre
Attention: Eric Idle
Wood Lane, London, W12 7RJ England
United Kingdom

WolfSpirit at 10:19 am December 12

Yea... I tried the first one since the site said it was best... then again that site hasn't been updated in forever. I dunno... I didn't get a return to sender so that counts for something lol. (But I also didn't send pre-stamped and addressed envelope lol)

Jatta: Welcome to the looney house :)
I'm sure you'll feel right at home here :o)

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: ELLO ELLO! What's all this then?!
New member here, is there? Well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, well, how very nice. Allow me to introduce myself. I am the mighty Attila the Hun (Mrs), and I welcome you to teh awesome world of Pythonline, where llamas run riot, people post stuff, and Lady April and the Palin fangirls slobber over sexy pictures of Mike Palin... *cough* *cough*
Anywho... enjoy! *howls*

WolfSpirit at 10:34 am December 12

If you're not careful that slopper might get on the keyboard and break it... might wanna watch that slobber. *glances at huge pile of dead keyboards* Personal experience don't ya know.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 3:40 am December 13

Oh yes, I've done it plenty of times. I've had my fair share of keyboard/computer funerals too.
If that's what I'm like just with Michael, imagine what would happen if you would combine Eric and Mike, with a pinch of Terry J and John C to the mixture?
Wooooo, what a sight :D

WolfSpirit at 10:48 am December 14

lol Oh no.. You'll kill the whole computer! Careful *hides all the sexy pictures from you.... hoarding all the Eric and Mike ones to my self and selling the rest*

WackyQueen: Hello WolfSpirit! I bet you'll like Pythonline (who doesn't?) Happy Pythonlining!

Tini: Hello Wolf! :)
I'm also a new member but I can assure you that you will love it here! Everyone is really friendly (and nuts.)
So, have fun! :)

thewastelandr: Hello, Wolf! I'm also pretty new here and have found the forums enlightening and fun! I think I can second what April says - we are all looneys for Python! Glad to see you here!

Hanri: Congratulations on your choise to join the very very silly site and as the Regimental Sergeant Major of the Python Army I bid you welcome. April couldn't have said it all better, welcome. :)

It is true the recently renewd site has some stuff still missing, but I don't believe they're completely lost. Old old threads keep popping up when the Python Army's trained monkeys can rest a little from the attempts of typing W. Shakespears Hamlet and transfer the old content to the new site. On Hamlet, they gotten so far as "spam". This calls for applause.

As for the fan letter addresses, I believe some of us have gotten replys, so share the knowledge again, please! Where did ya sent those pics and bookmarks and got them back signed? I've never sent them fan mail, I don't personally know the addresses.

Anyway Wolf, welcome!

WolfSpirit at 10:37 am December 12

Ok... on the subject of spam (see how my mind works... lol) the other day we had grilled cheese sandwiches with spam(turkey spam... but spam none-the-less) I just COULDN'T help but break into the Viking Spam song ever five minutes lol. My dad was so annoyed with me. But couldn't help it. lol