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Trying out some stuff...See if it works

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ladycaviar: Gwen wins the internet!

Susana Mendonca: In a word: SUPERB!

scottp: This mash really smokes!! Giliam would be proud..Very very good!! Glad you figured out how to use the MashCast publishing system and publish SWF's (Flash Files). You can also add your Face book, YouTube and Google video accounts and publish there too. BUT Note!! you have to use WMV as you publishing type, these sites do not handle SWF's unless you use our player..So Pythonline SWF's outside of Network WMV's.. Thanks for the Mashes!!

See you on MashCaster !!

Gwen Dibley: Sorry guys, it's the same mash as before, but thanks to scott I figured out how to post it as SWF, so Ill delete my previous post

''I'm a strange person''

RSMBiggles at 1:11 am January 29

Excellent MASHing!! As your Regimental Sergeant Major I hereby reccomend you to be mentioned in dispatches!!! You have raised the bar midear!! keep up the good work and I foresee a meritorious Mashing medal first class in your future!!

gna42 at 9:31 pm January 28

(I voted)....

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