new record in meine kleine collection!

today I got "bonzo dog band greatest hits" with also had a cutout newspaiper article with main information on them + rutles and vivs death. I took a photo of that too, even if I knoe few of you will understand it.
that makes it 3 fysical records I got.... I gor loads of electronical records, mp3s, but they dont count in the same way...
and I always buy vinyl, since apart from the one in my PC I dont have any working cd-player.
but well well...

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Alainainthesky: Wow, many congrats!
I just started to listen to them via Do Not Adjust Your Set and they are a great band. I need to buy an album or two.

sit-on-my-face: Good lord, I love the Bonzos of a love that is too huge to be described. I listen NON-STOP to the dougnut in Granny's greehouse. Who would have thought I could ever find it here!?
Congrats, it's really super.

the_thina at 12:47 pm July 16

yes I know... I plan to go to the second hand-record-shop soon ans dee if I can find anything there

mrsCutout: Wow thina this is great! I am so happy for ya congratulations!!!!! You lucky bastard haha!

the_thina at 9:00 am July 16

aaw. thank you sweetie! :) and yeah, Im happy too. :)