Hi guys, am new around here - well, I was a member a long long time ago, so I think it doesn't count hahaha.

Anyroad, have been a fan for years and hoping to find some peeps I can drool over Michael with...mainly, and Eric and Terry and Terry and John and Graham and...did I mention Michael....
Greets, Alex

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MrSPGUMBY: So your back? so am I, uh have i BEEN HERE BEFORE I don't know. perhaps, no no yes a bit a bit. UH what was the questions?
a man with 3 legs, oops he ran away

Good Night

Rumbledoll at 5:32 am July 15

Yes, I'm back...was I gone, I am not entirely sure. Anyhooooo, I just saw Michael a few days ago and he was........well.....amazing, beautiful, funny, and niiiiiiiiiiiicccccccceeeeeeee - yes, he was nice, there I said it!!!!!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: We all enjoy the mane. Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaane.
It's from some show and I forgot the name, which I shouldn't've cos I made a gifset of it on Tumblr, but I remember he played some 80s rocker dude, guitar and everything.

It was amazeballs.

Rumbledoll at 1:33 am June 16

It's from the Tracey Ullman special "A class act" - I would give my right arm to watch that, but I can only find it on video.......rats.....

DrWinstonOrPiglet: Haha, I love Michael's long mane :D

Rumbledoll: Why, thank you for the nice welcome and I shall heed the warning....regarding the um....nutters, because I am perfectly sane myself of course.....that's why I watch special educational programs such as Meaning of Life and I have just signed up for a course of how to do the fish slapping dance - I believe a Mr. P. Malin is the course instructor - should be fab!!!!

Yes, Michael looks divine with his long mane, I think....he should grow it out a bit ;-D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Alex, Alex... Al, Al, Al, AAAAAL.
Hello! You have entered into a, what I call, website. I would be prepared, it can get rather treacherous round these parts. Some right nutters over here, you see, you have to try and watch out for them PRAWN GOEBBELS. They're everywhere.

Welcome welcome my fishy friend, enjoy your stay and holy jam sarny I spot heavy rocker Michael in you avatar. Oh help, one of my ovaries has gone missing...

DrWinstonOrPiglet: Aw, if you ever get the opportunity you should visit her! Maybe it'll be good luck and you'll meet him. She could be Michael magnet ;)

I purchased it on video quite a few years ago. I need to upgrade it to DVD now LOL. Especially as I hardly use my video player anymore.

I saw bits and pieces of American Friends while it was on TV once but I never saw the whole thing. I'd love to. That Tracey Ullman special sounds familiar, do you remember the name? I need to go research that now too, I'm really curious about it. I have a collection of some rare Michael tv appearances that a friend had taped and copied for me a long time ago. One was a stage show he participated in with Terry Jones called "Comedians Do It Onstage" (I believe) It was quite funny.

Rumbledoll: Sir Gallahad - swoon, don't get me started, Jess!!! hahahaha

No, I have never written to Michael - I did write to Eric, though I don't remember it. I must've been in school still (many many years ago) and I just very recently found a big file folder with his autograph and letter in it. I do have a friend who leaves near Michael in North London and she does see him from time to time on the street or in the park, but she's never spoken to him. Perhaps I should go and visit her :-)

I should re-watch Railway Journeys - I think it's the one I've watched only once. Same with Hemingway.
I also just realized a few days ago that I actually have never seen American Friends - need to see about getting a copy of that, as well as GBH. I did watch GBH when it was on telly because I lived in London at the time, but I need to go back and see it again.
Have you seen the Tracey Ullman special Mike did? I am dying to see that, but haven't located it. Think I came to the conclusion it's only out on vhs or something - anyone know?!
Perhaps I'll go and research that a bit now.........Alex :-)

DrWinstonOrPiglet: Hi Alex,

Oh ok, I don't think I was there any longer back then... was hanging out more at my site's board and at some of the Python groups on Yahoo. lol that's so cool, I remember when I first got Mike's Diaries in the mail and I dove straight into it. Can't remember how many days it took me to get through it all, but it was fascinating and I still go back to it every so often.

I really want to watch Himalaya again. I remember enjoying that one particularly and feeling bad for Mike when he ended up with that altitude sickness. Must be nasty stuff, I don't know how I'd get through that! I really enjoy his series, so many of those places I'd love to visit as well. I also love Irish Railway Journey where he tries to find information about his Irish roots. Beautiful scenery and I'm part Irish as well so I guess I can identify somewhat (I'd love to travel there and discover my roots too).

Have you ever tried writing to Michael? I did a couple times, about 8 years ago or so. I was a bit disappointed, the first time he was off traveling so his publicist replied. She told me that he was doing a lecture in NYC (I live fairly close to there) though and said I should try to attend. Sadly I couldn't afford to lol. I sent him another letter a few months later but I never received a reply so maybe it didn't make its way to him. Oh well.

Ooh I love to drool read that book too! I especially love the pic of him as Sir Galahad. He looks so sweet there. Which reminds me, I need to update my site with more of the pix. I've had some time off from work so it should give me some time to work on it.


Rumbledoll: Hello Jess,
I don't think I go back as far as 12 years ago, but I am thinking it must've been 2006 or 07, right around the time when I moved back from California to Europe. I remember I had my copy of Mike's Diaries in my hand luggage and I read the whole thing on the plane going from NYC to Frankfurt lol

I am working my way through Michael's travel series again as it had been a while since I'd seen it and I thought, oh wait, there is this cool Python board, and well, here I am....
Anyone have a fave amongst all of the travel shows? Mine is Himalaya, perhaps because a lot of places he visits there are the ones I'd love to go to myself.

Well, it's a holiday here today so I shall sit now with a cup of coffee and read my brandspanking new (used) copy of "Life Of Michael" - or should I say drool over the lovely pix.


DrWinstonOrPiglet: Hey, nice to meet another "sort of" newbie :D I joined back in December but I was originally here over 12 years ago I think... same username too I believe haha

You need someone to drool over Michael with? You're in good company!! Heh... oh and the others are good too ;)


BrigadierCheese: Dear Sir,

At least wear a bloody tie! I mean, come on! Would you apply to the Morcombe and Wise wotsit without a wearing tie?!

Yours with a hint of oregano,

Brigadier General Sir Reginald Herbert Andrew Sprong Cheese IIV (MPQ, PhX, OBW and bar)