NI!!! ... in 2014!

The knights are coming!The knights are coming!

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Tilly-c: After only 20mins holding on the phone listening to bloody rubbish hold music I finally got my Monty tickets at The O2, I'd like to say I can relax now but the rubbish hold music is STILL buzzing around my head.....Oooo Oooo moves like Jagger.....See what I mean!

Bicycle Repairman: After a stressful morning l finally got my tickets for the Biggest event of 2014, MP Live !!!! Have you got yours yet ? ( thank god for the extra dates )

French Taunter: Oh, yeah!!!! I just knew it! But as I cannot swim over the Channel (la manche!) I could not know it before today! I will be not able to taunt those english peasants, so I will try to fech them to Paris! ;)

Bicycle Repairman: Wonderful news peeps, What are our chances of getting tickets on Monday for the Live show at the O2 on 1st July the Biggest thing since the Messiah himself ?

Johnnyrose at 8:55 pm November 22

... thet would be nice ;o)