The Nine Lives of John Ogilby

I hope you don't mind me plugging something else but my old TV producer and writing partner has just started funding book on Unbound about John Ogilby (who we made a doc about a few years ago).

The Nine Lives of John Ogilby reveals that his atlas Britannia (the first road atlas int he word) is the key to a major turning-point in British history, uncovering its place in a plot concerning a secret treaty, an invasion plan, a Royal mistress and a sinister eminence grise with a black patch on his nose. It involves sex, religion, money and the secret service. And you can;t ask for more than that.

If this is the sort of thing that might tickle your fancy or the fancy of someone you know please do consider supporting the project on Unbound. You can click here to find out more.

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MrSPGUMBY: I will look for this to read at your recomandation.

Mr S P Gumby