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Lvndr HppE: So, I was watching Terry Jones Medieval Lives when they were looking at this old shield that I guess said "He's Not the Messiah". And when Terry repeated it, I was waiting for him to finish it was "He's a very naughty boy". Unfortunately, he didn't.

Here Comes Another One at 4:32 am November 21

Haha, I wonder how tempted he was?!

mrsCutout at 3:50 pm December 03

Hahaha lol! i think a lot!

Fettle: Awww that just made me cry...again! Such an AMAZING night, I wish it could happen all over again....

kissmyarrrtichoke at 2:40 pm November 10

Totally agree :)
Over a year ago now though :(

fiep at 11:53 am December 03

It was fantastic.... Really one of the biggest moments of my life!

Johnnyrose: I whant this Bly-Ray so bad, to remember that fantastic and memorable night!!!
And Pythonline guys are also blame, because alowed us to buy the tickets before they were selling to the general python lovers!
So you, Pythonline guys, are also responsable for having one of the most fantastig moments in my and my wife's life. Thank you!

Paute: GREAT GREAT GREAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!