Not The Messiah at the Albert Hall

Okey dokey - new thread for the post-Not The Messiah dissection.

Please post anything you can - pictures, videos, reviews, random thoughts etc

Saves them getting buried in the meet-up planning threads.

Update: Ack - none of the pictures I took inside the Albert Hall so I've only got a couple.

It was fab thought to meet so many people from everywhere - incl. CamelSpotter, Kitch and TheLadyOfTheLake.


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tartujik: gaaaa i just found out about this. toooo late! totally would have gone to london for this. we've pretty much just been waiting for the perfect time. well this would have been it. :( does anybody know if they're doing anything similar in the states, preferably the east coast? really any showing of not the messiah would be cool, though this looked like the ultimate showing. so upset that i missed it. i gotta crawl outta this apparent hole i been livin in. sigh.

Lady and Laird Candermine: The lady at the bottom right owns a Tom Waits album. Lucky kids.. we would have loved to have joined that bit of goodness.

Lady of the Lake at 1:22 pm December 06

That's right my Lady and Laird.

Did I mention that there in Royal Albert Hall that day I saw Richard E.Grant. I never see anyone famous so it was kind of cool.

TheSister91: happy you all enjoyed those moments!

MontyPython93: GOD I wish I was there!!!

marga: thanks! i love specially the last one! it's the image i was dying to see -but i couldn't- after the show!

Lady April at 12:14 pm November 01

Oh what a great pic of the boys this one!!! The one on the left... I take him home to Momma!

Lady of the Lake at 10:10 am November 02

I love this one!


More in here:


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marga at 12:30 pm October 31

DSC00995 [640x480].jpg

marga at 12:31 pm October 31

DSC00996 [640x480].JPG

marga at 12:31 pm October 31

DSC00999 [640x480].jpg

marga at 12:32 pm October 31

DSC01000 [640x480].jpg

marga at 12:32 pm October 31

DSC01001 [640x480].jpg

Johnnyrose at 4:44 pm October 31

Eric Dylan... ;0)

kissmyarrrtichoke at 10:55 am November 29

Haha I didn't get this bit at first but I see why it was so funny after listening to Bob Dylan! Very good :P

marga at 12:32 pm October 31

DSC01004 [640x480].jpg

kisch at 12:51 pm October 31

Pilate in glasses !!! This is something I will never forget !

Lady April at 1:45 pm October 31

Love the ole blind man!

marga at 12:33 pm October 31

DSC01008 [640x480].jpg

Lady April at 12:13 pm November 01

love this!!!!!

marga at 12:33 pm October 31

this is my fav :)

marga at 12:34 pm October 31

DSC01015 [640x480].jpg

marga at 12:34 pm October 31

DSC01020 [640x480].jpg

Johnnyrose at 2:14 pm October 31

Great photos, thanks for sharing it with us, Marga. It was such a great moment, wasn't it?

I feel like a lucky, lucky, bastard!!!

marga at 12:35 pm October 31

DSC01026 [640x480].jpg

marga at 12:36 pm October 31

DSC01028 [640x480].jpg

pythonnewbie at 4:10 am November 02

I love your pics!They're absolutely amazing!:)

Lady April at 3:52 pm October 31

Oh lovely picture of the lovely Carol!!!!

marga at 12:37 pm October 31

and these are the bits i recorded:

kisch at 12:57 pm October 31

FANTASTIC !!! Thanks so much !

kisch: I have lots of troubles trying to attach my pix, so here are just links. I hope it works this way !!!
If the girl on the 2nd pic (with her truly beautiful hat on the 3rd) is here - please show yourself:) Loved your outfit:)

Deirdre at 6:13 am November 02

Haha, that's me in the was nice to meet you! :)

Johnnyrose at 2:24 pm October 31

Great pictures, Kisch! Thank you for sharing! Girl, you do take pictures with good taste!

pythonnewbie: um...I wrote a blog about the whole thing yday I'd just thought I'd ask u guys if any of you would be interested to read it?

Johnnyrose at 4:11 am October 27

Where is the link? Please post it in this tread, so we can read it

Johnnyrose at 4:08 am October 27

wer's the link? Please post it here, in this tread

pythonnewbie at 8:54 am October 27

sorry,I posted it on myspace...and I just realised for some reason it isn't there anymore -_- Well, I will have to write it all over again. Once I've done that,I'll post the link here-now that's really pissing me off...

kisch at 10:08 am October 28

Please do, I would so love to read it ! I just don't really have time to write my own, maybe I will one day.

pythonnewbie at 12:58 am October 29

Yes,I will do!:) Tomorrow on the train(passing through London again!lol) But I might not be able to actually post it next Saturday or coz I won't have Internet access!;)


Queen Arms Pub, 18:30... and ther's Lady of The Lake!

silly Ministress: I was so stressed until the start of the show. For some reason I haven´t realised that it is 1 hour earlier in london than in vienna.I entered the hall at 8pm and was sure I missed 1h. It´s sad that I could not meet one of you ---> except that,the show was amazing, From my seat I saw them all going on and off stage, I saw mainly their backs while their performance ;-) Terry Gilliam and the Scots went down the stairs on my left, I still can´t think back without grinning =^.^=

Lady of the Lake at 9:17 am October 31

Sorry we didn't meet, but I hope you enjoyed the show. I did. ;-)