Not the Messiah - Blu-Ray, DVD and audio CD

June 8th is almost here!!!

See the trailer and 3 clips from:

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Not that late: Idle got very emotional at the end... I can understand that, probably I would cry my eyes out if I was him... all that work and expectations for just one night of show... but it went very well and the audience loved it.

And on top of that it was the same place they did A Concert for George, so that would bring a lot of bittersweet memories...

the_thina at 7:51 pm January 07

a concert for george was in royal albert hall? didnt know that... only knew that it was the first time I saw georges son... and seriously thought it was a ghost for a few seconds!

Not that late at 6:16 am January 08

In A Concert for George listen to Palin when he is about to sing Lumberjack Song, he says "We are all gathered here in this great hall of Albert's..."

And yes, George's son looks just like his father!

the_thina at 9:27 am January 08

oh, I have just seen it one time on telly, and pythons bit a few more times on youtube... never noticed that mike says that in other words... and since Im an ignorant swede, back then I didnt really know what royal albert hall was. *bluches*

yeah, almost so you think he is a clone rather than just an ordinary sperm-meets-egg-son

Paute: I have it too!
It´s amazing and funny.

The Ex-Leper: I bought the dvd for myself yesterday and I LOVE IT SO MUCH I like literally smiled throughout the entire production

kissmyarrrtichoke: Ordered it today on blu ray :D

mrsCutout: Oh shit! I have to see this so badly! I have to order it though....oh i can't wait yeeeeeaaaaah!

the_thina: yay! I have orderd it allready and just walk around waiting now... :)

Lady and Laird Candermine:

OH GOD... I'm in tears from just clip 1.... CAN'T WAIT!!! I'd love to have an electric light candle with mine!! :)

Johnnyrose at 4:16 pm June 04

That woud be an excelent gift to bring with the buy of the DVD, wouldn't you agree?