Not the Messiah in UK cinemas for 1 night!

'Not the Messiah' at the Royal Albert Hall in UK cinemas for 1 night only.

Sorry if this has already been posted...if the 25th March in your diary!!

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silly Ministress: Is anyone going to watch it in the london area?

Lady of the Lake: Not the Messiah also in Finland cinemas for 1 night only! Excellent!

Johnnyrose at 5:10 pm March 08

You lucky, lucky bastard!

Hanri at 3:02 am March 28

Not so lucky, I have to WORK that day! Oh come on!! Sigh...

Jatta at 7:09 am March 28

Do not worry Hanri, we get only one more night 12.4. :D

Hanri at 8:03 am March 28

That's the day I'm talking about.. Sobbing.

Jatta at 11:34 am March 28

:( awww, damn... you poor bastard :(

mrsCutout at 10:23 am March 28

damn! soryy to hear that Hanri! Oh but you are some lucky bastards@! I don't get it waht does Finland do and get to be in everything!?

Paute: I hate them all...

Lady of the Lake: YES! It's coming to Finland. That's so cool! I hope I'll get the tickets!

pythonnewbie: I can't wait for the DVD release!I keep watching this trailer n thinking "OMG!I was actually there!"

Tanya_Birklid19: Oh how badly I want to see it!!! Why can't they show it in the US also??

Johnnyrose: I voted to show in Almada Forum cinema, Portugal. I would love to see it again ... but this time in the big screen!!

kisch: I can't understand why it is not on the main page of P-Line !
This is BIG NEWS for heaven's sake!!!

Johnnyrose: kissmyarrrtichoke, copy the image I put and place it on the top of the page so it can be visible on "watch" link, PLLLLEEEEEESE!

marga: OMG! what a night to remember! (unfortunately i won't visit again london until may). i'm dying to have the dvd! :)


Maybe you don't need to go. Enter here:

on the right ther's:

Tell us if you would like to watch in your local cinemaTell us if you would like to watch Not The Messiah (He's a Very Naughty Boy) in your local cinema"

then you choose country and cinema where you would like to see it... Who knows...

Lvndr HppE at 4:44 pm February 23

Woo, Hoo! I got to vote for it to play in New York City!

marga at 11:45 am February 20

I've voted for one of Barcelona's cinemas :D

mrsCutout: DAMN! DAMN AND DAMN AGAIN! I WANT TO SEE IT SO BADLY !! please wish me luck i'll try to convince my mom to take us a trip to uk ~! no money you see haha!

Lady of the Lake: That's great, but why not in Finland... Very good picture.... I almost saw myself there. ;-)
Any news about the dvd?

Johnnyrose: kissmyarrrtichoke, please insert an image on your thread (here above) so it can appear on "watch" page. This is too important "not to bee seen" (lesson nº5: how not to be seen)

kissmyarrrtichoke at 8:33 am February 21

Aaahhh how do I do it??? :/ (like the reference btw :P)

kissmyarrrtichoke at 8:34 am February 21

Found it, done :)

Johnnyrose: Man!!! That bring me some fabulous memories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Looking so much to the arrival of the Messiah... I mean, the DVD!!!
Thanks, kissmyarrrtichoke!!! Haven't seen this film presentation.

kisch: OOOOH!!!! Thanks so much for the information. I won't be able to see it, but I hope for the DVD:) Wonderful news!

Kasmira at 3:15 pm February 19

I hope the dvd will release (soon) too :)